A Quarter Of

Sweet Shop ScalesDo you remember when it used to be a quarter of your favourite retro sweets. The old penny sweets and 10p mix ups.

All these phrases will mean nothing to a child of today but if you were born a child of the 80's you will remember so many things like Um Bongo, Um Bongo, They drink it in the Congo and if you were a girl you would have played with My Little Ponies.

The funny thing is when you start thinking back to the old days you can remember so many things that put a smile on your face. If you remember the phrase a quarter of you will remember the profound meaning of "Wax on, Wax off".

Do you remember watching Saved by the Bell, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and you will have thought Dirty Dancing was a good film.

There are so many things when you start the trip down memory lane thinking about a quarter of you favourite retro sweets you remember so many happy thoughts. Think back to the A-Team who could never got shot and when you went on holiday you didn't like going in the sea because of Jaws.

The world was a different place back then and even TV programmes would do the total opposite to what they do today, I can rememeber a TV programme told you to turn off your TV and go and do something less boring instead.

Remember when Ant and Dec was PJ and Duncan and you could not put a Rubicks Cube down once you started. Imagine a child today being given a Rubicks Cube, they would ask where do you put the batterys.

We hope you are reading this and it puts a smile on your face and if you think back to the phrase A Quarter Of Your Favourite Retro Sweets it will bring you happy memories.

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