Vintage sweets delivery

Have you had a vintage sweets delivery recently, one that you were waiting for to come through the post that you may have ordered through an online sweet shop when you may have made an order that would have taken you back to your childhood and was so excited for the delivery to come that you were waiting for the postman to deliver and when it actually arrived you were so excited to open the package and see the vintage sweets that were inside and to check that the delivery was just as expected.  It is always a joy to receive such a package because vintage sweets can come from many eras such as the 40′s, 50s, 60′s, 70s, 80′s, and 90′s.  Depending on what age you actually are vintage sweets could be classed as such from any of these eras because they would be from days gone by.  Check out your old fashioned selection from Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop today and see what we have on offer for you and how our delivery can fit in with what you have in mind and either treat yourself or a friend or a loved one to some of our best treats.