Tuck shop sweets

Do you remember the tuck shop sweets that you used to get in your early school years.  The ones that brought back so many memories of standing there with 10p to spend and being able to choose a whole array of what are now called old fashioned sweets.  Those were the days when simple pleasures in life were what we had to look forward to and it was such a joy to stand and queue at lunchtime and get some old fashioned tuck shop sweets.  To relive some of those memories from your early school days and try to find some of those old fashioned sweets that you used to taste and enjoy then visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop today and browse through the pages of our website and see if you can remember some of the old favourites that you used to have if so then why not treat yourself or a friend to a large bag of your favourite sweets and have a good old giggle and chat about all the different tastes and memories that relate to these.   You can also receive free UK delivery on anything from Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop, whether it be a small item right through to a large item no matter what the price or weight you will receive free UK delivery.