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Retro sweet hamper

Have you ever received a retro sweet hamper full of goodies that would transport you back through to your childhood, there would be lots of old fashioned sweets inside such as black jacks, fruit salads, refreshers, acid drops toffee chewing nuts, Basseti hard liquorice sticks, catherine wheels, anglo bubblies, strawberry bon bons, foam bananas and many more.  To be given a retro sweet hamper is such a pleasure and they come in many sizes you can get small wicker hampers through to a mega ultimate wicker hamper which is full to the brim with old fashioned sweets from eras such as 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and 90′s.  Take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection of retro sweet hampers and either treat yourself or a friend or family member to one of these hampers and you will sure

Retro sweets hampers

Retro sweets hampers can be given at anytime of the year as they make a fanstastic present for any ocassion such as Easter, Christmas, Mother’s day, Valentines, Father’s day, Halloween, birthdays or just to say thank you.  Retro sweets hampers are filled with all of your favourite old fashioned sweets that you would remember from your childhood.  There would be things like sherbet fountains, black jacks, fruit salads, refreshers, frys peppermint creams, walnut whips, wispas, bon bons, jelly fried eggs and many more.  Retro sweets hampers come in all shapes and sizes from a small box through to a large wicker hamper that can be used time and time again and once the contents have been eaten, which believe me will take some time, and many hours of enjoyment.  You could then use the hamper again and again for such things as fun days out with the family and the hamper would make an ideal storage space for your picnic requirements which makes the gift even more worthwhile.  So why not treat yourself, a friend or a loved one on a special occassion or simply to say thank you with one of these fantastic gifts.  Take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection today and receive free delivery within the UK.

Retro Sweet Hampers

If there is one gift that you have ever been given and will remember and cherish for years to come it will be a retro sweet hamper.  These gifts hold so much meaning and so many memories for us that when the gift is received and you open the lid of the wicker hamper and it is brimming to the top with old fashioned sweets just like all the ones you used to remember from your childhood your eyes will light up and you will get a lovely feeling of happiness.  Retro sweet hampers are a great British tradition and are given by many people individuals and large corporate companies alike.  Large organisations will give retro sweet hampers on special occasions such as Christmas to empower their work force and motivate their staff ready for the year ahead or quite simply just to say thank you to staff.  You will give 100% to your company in reward.  So if you have never been lucky enough to receive one of these retro sweet hampers yourself, then why not think about purchasing one this year for one of your friends or family or even just to treat yourself because once you have got the hamper and taken plenty of time to enjoy the contents the hamper can be used time and time again for family days such as picnics in the park.  So take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection of retro sweet hampers and see if we have one that suits your needs and don’t forget you will receive free UK delivery.

Valentine gifts for her

Have you found the right Valentine gifts for her yet?  The way to a girls heart is chocolates and sweets.  Sweet Heaven have got a large selection of Valentine retro sweets to choose from and a large selection of chocolates that can be made into a gift bag, a box or even a wicker hamper.  Valentines day is a special time of year when you show that special person how much you love them with a special gift that can be sent direct to their door so that when it arrives it will make a welcome surprise.  This year make a difference and order your Valentine gifts for her from Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and receive free UK delivery.

Valentine gift ideas

Are you already thinking of Valentine gift ideas for your loved ones?  Trying to think of something different, but thoughtful, what about a gift of retro sweets, full of colour, flavours and smells and guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.   It doesnt have to be a retro gift box, maybe a wicker hamper, or bespoke your a gift box full of your loved ones favourite old fashioned sweets, or maybe give them a selection of sweets from their era such as sweets from the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s or the noughties!  Whatever gift you choose be it mixed full of retro sweets, or full of red or pink sweets filled with sweets shaped of hearts, here at Sweet Heaven we have something for everyone and every budget, added into that Sweet Heaven online will deliver direct to the delivery address anywhere in the UK free of charge, what a way for your valentine gift idea to be received.

Valentine’s day sweets

I know Christmas is barely upon us, but you will need to start thinking about Valentine’s Day as you can get caught out by forgetting your girlfriend/wife/husband or loved one and get into alot of trouble for not getting them a little surprise present and a card.  Something that would go down very well would be Valentine sweets and chocolates and Sweet Heaven online do a wide variety of both.  You can choose from a gift bag through to a large wicker hamper full of retro sweets.  You can have them personalised with a message and sent to direct to your loved ones door and receive free UK delivery.

Christmas sweets hampers

Christmas sweets hampers are filled with lots of different old fashioned favourite sweets and chocolates and go down very well when received as a gift or simply filled and used for Christmas parties.  You can have a small hamper through to a large wicker hamper. Old fashioned sweets are always a good talking point at many Christmas parties for every age group from the young children right through to grandparents.  For your Christmas sweets hampers this year visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and if you purchase a Christmas sweets hampers you will receive free UK delivery and if you are sending these abroad you will still receive competitive rates.

Sweets Hampers

It is the right time of year to be thinking about purchasing some sweets hampers and sending them as gifts and Christmas presents to friends and family, sweets hampers make the perfect gift on any occasion and would be well received when they arrive at your door.

You can choose sweets hampers in various shapes and sizes and they can be made up of your choice, you could have a small one through to a  large wicker hamper.

People love old fashioned sweets and if you was to put them in a hamper and send them as a gift you could make a friend for life and would certainly have something to talk about when they arrive.

Old school sweets hampers

Old school sweets hampers can be filled with an array of various old fashioned sweets and can also range from a small hamper through to a large wicker hamper and can make an ideal Christmas present.  Old school sweets is a modern saying for old fashioned sweets because the people who think about them have remembered them from their old school days.  This Christmas why not buy your friends and family an old school sweets hamper filled to the brim with old  fashioned candies and give the receipiant something to remember and something to talk about from years gone by.  Take a look at our online sweet shop today and receive free UK delivery.

Retro sweet gifts for her

It can be hard to buy gifts at the best of times, especially for girls.  You can spend hours on end searching around the shops looking at different gift ideas for her and come out none the wiser with what to get her.  You can even spend hours searching online at different gift ideas, but one thing that is sure to please her would be retro sweet gifts as these have a special meaning to them that she will remember from her school days.  You can put a combination of all of her favourites into a gift bag or box or even a wicker hamper.  Visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and get some ideas for what to buy her on any occassion and receive free UK delivery.

Classic sweet hamper

There is nothing better than getting a classic sweet hamper as a present the thrill of when it is delivered to your door.  The thrill is like nothing else that you can imagine, a classic sweet hamper filled with your favourite retro sweets, whether it be a small or large wicker hamper it can be used time and time again.

Christmas is normally the best time of year to receive a classic sweet hamper which the retro sweets can be enjoyed all over the festive period well over January and can be shared with friends and family and when all the sweets are gone you can enjoy the wicker hamper with a nice picnic in the summer.

Wicker Hamper

It doesnt have to be christmas to order one of our hampers you can enjoy them on those long summer days as well.

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