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Wedding Favour Sweets

Here at Sweet Heaven we have a large section of sweets and candy and wedding favours for anyone looking on planning a wedding. All our sweets have long use-by dates so you can order months in advance! We have sugared almonds and mini heart chocolate dragees in all colours including silver, gold, black, white, ivory, pink, red and lilac so we can cater for any theme. We also have pink, gold and silver individually wrapped rock sweets with either ‘Mr and Mrs’ or ‘Just Married’ imprinted onto them. We also have small square Neapolitan chocolates with ‘Mr and Mrs’ or ‘Just Married’ imprited onto their labels too. Other than those, we have gold, red, orange, purple, pink, silver and white foil covered chocolate hearts. We also have mini heart shaped mints! All of these are perfect wedding favours and treats. Order today off www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Wedding Sweet Bags

I had alot of children at my wedding and also my budget was running out by the time I got to the task of sorting out thank you’s for everyone. Then I saw the idea of wedding sweet bags and that solved my problem. It allowed me to stay well on budget, looked really great and I chose all the favourite sweets of my bridesmaids and they loved it!

Wedding Sweet Table

When I got married, I was unsue how to put together a wedding sweet table and had to look at many sweets online to get ideas from, do I go for traditional sweets, retro sweets or more of a chocolate theme, in the end I went for chocolate wrapped in pink foil. as this I thought would go more with the food we had chosen and also the pink foil would go with the pink flowers and themed wedding