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Retro sweet shops free delivery

Have you found any retro sweet shops that offer any free delivery, not free delivery over a certain amount or on a certain product, but genuine free delivery within the UK.  Here at Sweet Heaven that is what we do no matter what size the order or where it is going in the UK it is free delivery.  We have a large selection of retro sweets to choose from that have been made using all the traditional methods and we also have a large selection of wedding favours and retro sweet gifts which are perfect for any occassion.  Take a look today and see for yourself.

Heart sweets

There are many different types of heart sweets to choose from, lots of different flavours and varieties.  You can get jelly heart throbs made by Haribo which are red and white, you can get heart shaped dragees which are perfect for wedding favours and are small heart shaped chocolates with a crisp shell.  These come in lots of different colours to suit the theme of your wedding.  You can also get chocolate shaped hearts which are also good for wedding favours and come in a variety of colours.  So if you want some heart sweets either to eat yourself, surprise a friend or loved one, or if you are getting married then take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection and take advantage of their free delivery serices in the UK.


Have you heard the latest news, Confetti the wedding sweets and favours website are going into administration.  In these tough times it is surprising which companies will be struggling to survive.  Such a big company like Confetti who were very big for wedding favours, sweets and anything to do with weddings in terms of gifts and wedding accessories.  I think the key nowadays is to offer the right products at the right price and even moreso to offer free delivery which Sweet Heaven is currently offering to any address in the UK.  So if you are looking to purchase wedding favours / sweets or you are planning a wedding then Sweet Heaven has a large selection to choose from and we offer free delivery.

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Wedding Sweets

Wedding sweets are perfect as wedding favours for your tables, they bring fun and colour to any table and allow you to colour co-ordinate with our chosen colour scheme for your wedding. It maybe you have a theme to your wedding that you can accentuate by the clever use of sweets, ie a retro theme from the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s or 90′s and decorate your tables accordingly. Wedding sweets are great too if you have children present, put buckets filled with sweets on your tables for the children to hand out to guests while waiting for the wedding party to arrive and watch guests laugh as the children sneak away sweets while they think no-one is watching them!

Wedding Sweet Favours

Did you know that wedding favours actually is an Italian/French tradition. Couples used to wish to pass on their good luck to their guests and so would pass on little boxes with “bonbonnieres” inside which used to be either 5 candies or 5 sugared almonds. This idea has long been in evidence at English weddings although the favours have got alot more detailed in terms of matching ideas with your theme, your personality, your guests or just a fashion trend of the era. Whether you decide to remain tradtional or try something different neither should break the budget if you do your research.