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Corporate Sweets and Gifts

If you’re looking for a range of gifts that will appeal to a large amount of people, then you cant really go wrong with Sweets can you? We have an entire section dedicated to Corporate Sweets and gifts. Whether you’re trying to cater for a funtion or event, or a meeting, or simply to praise your employees and treat them, we definitely have something for you. Everyone loves Sweets, so we have jars or gift bags with some of the most popular old fashioned and retro sweets in, and we also have bags and jars with a mix of everyone’s favourites so that there will be something for everyone. Plus we do very good discount on large bulk orders, and we have provided Sweets & Gifts for large companies including Bupa, big brother  Channel 4, The X Factor, Volvo, Capco and more. Plus we can personalise the gift with your company logo or a message of your choice. Take a look on our online sweet shop www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk for more great corporate gift ideas.

Corporate sweets orders

Sweet Heaven are now catering for large corporate companies sweets orders and company reward schemes.  We have just got a large order for Volvo ready to dispatch so there will be  a lot of happy employees this Christmas.  We cater for small and large companies alike and have a large selection of retro sweet gifts to choose from.  Another company who we have just supplied is Bloor.  They also had a large number of gift bags from us.  Corporate sweets is a good way to motivate and reward staff at anytime of the year but is especially good at Christmas.  So if you are looking for new ways to reward staff then please do not hesitate to give Sweet Heaven a call and we will discuss your needs in further detail.  All corporate sweets orders will receive free UK delivery.