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Favourite retro sweets

What is your favourite retro sweets?  Do you have a favourite that you remember from yesteryear?  Was there a particular brand that you used to have and that you would remember today.  The old fashioned sweets that we used to know and love have long since disappeared from the sweet shops that you used to be on the corner of our roads that we used to frequent on our way to school, but since then the online retro sweetshop has taken its place and Sweet Heaven online has tracked down all of these retro sweets that you used to know and love.  So why not take a look on our website today and take a look at our large selection of sweets and gifts and receive free delivery within the UK.

Cheap old school sweets

If you are looking for cheap old school sweets but do not wish to comprise on quality, then there is only one place to look and that is Sweet Heaven’s online retro sweet shop.  As we have researched and searched the length and breadth of the country to source the best old school sweets for our customers at the lowest possible prices.  Old school sweets get their name from old fashioned sweets that we remember from our old school days.  So whichever brand or make of old fashioned sweets that you used to know and enjoy then take a look at our online sweet shop and take advantage of our low prices and free delivery within the UK.

Favourite vintage sweets

What would your favourite vintage sweets be?  Do you have a favourite sweet that you used to have from your school days?  I do, I remember dip dab, lovely strawberry lollipops with a bag full of sherbert which seemed to last forever, followed by some flying saucers which would melt in our mouth which would be full of sherbert.  It was a taste sensation.  My trip to school was always filled with excitement because my favourite part of the trip would be a visit to the local sweet shop.  Nowadays all such sweet shops have pretty much disappeared, so if you are looking for some vintage sweets, checkout Sweet Heaven where you can receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Heart sweets

There are many different types of heart sweets to choose from, lots of different flavours and varieties.  You can get jelly heart throbs made by Haribo which are red and white, you can get heart shaped dragees which are perfect for wedding favours and are small heart shaped chocolates with a crisp shell.  These come in lots of different colours to suit the theme of your wedding.  You can also get chocolate shaped hearts which are also good for wedding favours and come in a variety of colours.  So if you want some heart sweets either to eat yourself, surprise a friend or loved one, or if you are getting married then take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection and take advantage of their free delivery serices in the UK.

The best Halloween sweets online

Halloween is fast approaching again, the nights are drawing in and we are all thinking about where we are going to be this year.  People are already ordering their Halloween costumes and their retro Halloween sweets ready for their parties.  To choose some really good sweets for your parties check out our website where we have giant rats, scorpions, flys, spiders, skulls, terror eyes bubble gum, candy horror heads and many more Halloween gifts and sweets to choose from.  This year don’t leave your Halloween orders too late as stocks run low quickly as the demand outstrips supply.  So this year be prepared and order some Halloween sweets and gifts from Sweet Heaven and receive free delivery anywhere in the UK.

Old Fashioned Sweets

If your a fan of old fashioned sweets like the ones you used to buy from your traditional sweet shop on the corner all those years ago, then you will love our retro online sweet shop as we have shelves and shelves full of old fashioned sweets, candy and chocolates! Everyone deserves a treat every now and again so why not treat yourself to some of your favourites? We have everything from liquorice, nutty sweets, boiled sweets, bonbons, minty sweets and even more. Why not treat a friend or relative to some old fashioned sweets as a nice sweet gift? We offer FREE standard delivery on all orders in the UK. www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

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Have you heard the latest news, Confetti the wedding sweets and favours website are going into administration.  In these tough times it is surprising which companies will be struggling to survive.  Such a big company like Confetti who were very big for wedding favours, sweets and anything to do with weddings in terms of gifts and wedding accessories.  I think the key nowadays is to offer the right products at the right price and even moreso to offer free delivery which Sweet Heaven is currently offering to any address in the UK.  So if you are looking to purchase wedding favours / sweets or you are planning a wedding then Sweet Heaven has a large selection to choose from and we offer free delivery.

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Classic sweets

Classic sweets conjure up so many different ideas for any of us regardless of generation.  Some peoples classic sweets will be sweets from the era that they remember best ie your 40′s, 50′s 60′s etc, or defined by what sweets their grandparents used to by them, or by what their local sweet shop used to stock, or just a combination of sweets across all eras but just in general their favourite sweets regardless of when they were at school or borne etc.  All we do know is classic sweets are ever popular in the UK and always will be .  At Sweet Heaven we endeavour to stock all classic sweets and in addition to this we deliver direct to your door free to anywhere in the UK.

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Classic sweet hearts

Classic sweet hearts can be found in many variations there are the chocolate variety which are very popular for weddings and can be found in many colours to suit the theme of your wedding, there are also the classic heart throbs made by haribo which are also very popular and made of jelly – red on one side and white on the other.  You can use these sweet hearts for many different events, such as weddings as table favours, for valentines, christenings, baby showers and many more.  They simply tell your loved one how much you think of him or her, so whatever the occassion you may be ordering take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection of classic sweet hearts and receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Sweets | Fathers Day | Valentines | Mothers Day | Easter | Halloween | Christmas | Gifts | Retro Sweets | Candy | Corporate Gifts | Chocolate | Birthdays | Wedding Favours | Wedding Gifts | Chocolate Favours | Favour Gift Boxes | Just Married | Sugared Almonds | Party Bags | Gift Jars | Football

Classic sweet shop

Every now and again you see the classic sweet shop sometimes and it warms the heart to see them when you do, no matter what age you are whether old, middle aged, a teenager or a toddler we all like our sweets.  The classic sweet shop displays all of those old fashioned sweets that we all now and love so lovely it takes you back to times gone by.  But all is not lost, if you cant find the classic sweet shop close to you, you can find sweet shops online.  Here at Sweet Heaven we have hundreds of products – probably more varieties of traditional sweets than a classic sweet shop could stock.  Not only that we will deliver direct to your door anywhere in the UK for free!

Party bags

Whenever you have a childrens party, party bags are always a must whether you decide to go the little dinky toys route or the sweets route.  Here at Sweet Heaven we do plenty of party bags for many different occassions all of which are popular.  You get to bespoke these bags to your own choice or you can allow Sweet Heaven to put a truly exciting bag together on your behalf, just give us your theme and if you have any favourite sweets or colours etc that you want to incorporate.  Remember Sweet Heaven do party bags or gifts to suit any party or occassion whether it be for childrens parties, halloween, birthday parties, corporate events and the list goes on.  All of which will be delivered direct to your door anywhere in the UK free.

Halloween Gifts

Halloween has become another occassion in the calender year that while it is to be celebrated with trick or treats, it has also become a time of buying gifts for others.   Most of these gifts are for Halloween parties both adult parties, childrens parties or a combination of both.  The main theme to any Halloween Gifts is to be as ghoulish as possible with  your ideas, that are mainly centred around sweets or chocolate, for lots of ideas for your Halloween Gifts check out the Sweet Heaven website where we have lots of ghoulish sweets and gift ideas, each year our stock of giant jelly flys, snakes, scorpions, marshmallow witch lollipops, jelly spiders, skulls sells faster and faster so be prepared for Halloween this year and make sure you order in plenty of time and remember its free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Classic sweets

We all of us love our sweets and we all have our individual favourites – alot of which depend on the era we were born into, but there are classic sweets that transcend each era and generation, “classic sweets” are also known as traditional sweets or retro sweets all of which remind us all of time gone by.  For myself the “classics” conjure up such sweets that not only my grand parents knew but also my young childrens generation. Rhubarb and custards, pear drops, dolly mixtures, midget gems, black jacks and fruit salads, wine gums, sherbert fountains and the list goes on, I am sue you are already thinking of your own “classics” as you read this saying in your mind, I forgot to add drumsticks, toasted teacakes, rum balls, but the list goes on and on, but thats great that there is so many of favourties that we all we have that we cant possibly list them all.  When visiting Sweet Heaven though the list will get even longer with the hundreds of different choices you see listed – good thing is though Sweet Heaven will deliver all of these classic sweets direct to your delivery with free delivery anywhere in the UK.

Halloween Film

As Halloween approaches there is nothing better than sitting down to watch a scary movie to get into the spirit of Halloween!  The nights have been drawing in for a while the nights are getting cold, fireworks are going off all around so why not one night grab yourself a Halloween film, draw the curtains, settle down with a large bag of your favourite British retro sweets.  Or even better maybe sample some scary sweets of the season from Sweet Heaven.  We have scorpions, spiders, snakes, giant flys, giant rats, marshmallow witch lollipops and much much more.  Receive free door to door delivery anywhere in the UK.

Old English sweets

No matter where I have travelled in the world, and I have been to many corners of the earth, while I have found fresher fruit, fiery currys, more exotic fish I have never found tastier sweets than good old English sweets!    English sweets are by far the best, all the different types, the flavours, the colours – just everything really.   Mind you saying that its become harder these days to find where to buy old English sweets from as the traditional sweet corner shop has long disappeared and while many shops sell some traditional sweets they do not have the selection that the corner shops used to have.  Nowadays you can source these sweets online here  at Sweet Heaven where we  have literally hundreds of sweets to choose from and also will deliver these direct to your door anywhere in the UK and delivery is free too!

Order sweets online

What better and quicker way to shop for your favourite old fashioned sweets than order them online! Order your sweets online has so many benefits, you get to choose from hundreds of sweets which will take you down memory lane – some you will know immediately, others you will remember as you across them and alot well maybe they wont be from your era but they will be from someone’s era that you will know maybe your parents/grandparents and so on.  Sweet Heaven is the UK’s No. 1 online old fashioned sweet shop that promises the largest range of sweets, an easy to navigate website in which to find any retro sweets you are looking for, an efficient checkout process, many gift ideas and free delivery direct to your doorstop anywhere in the UK.

Gift Boxes

Surprises are always lovely, but surprises that come in gift boxes makes the surprise even more exciting and intriguing.   Gift boxes conjure up all sorts of images and fit all occassions, whether it is by the colours, the patterns or the motifs on the boxes.  The majority of presents that you buy can be put into gift boxes and sweets are no different.  In fact sweets when packaged up in a lovely gift box with different coloured tissue paper is guaranteed to get many oohs and aahs and thats just the visual effect.  Once everyone gets stuck into a good old box of sweets whether its retro or good old fashioned British sweets people will be reminising left right and centre over their own decade of sweet decadance!  So whenever you are thinking of what to buy for a loved or a suitable occassion check out gift boxes of sweets and bespoke them to your own individual idea and receive free delivery in the UK to top it all!

70's sweets

The 70′s for me conjure up so many pictures, it was a very flamboyant decade with platforms, flares and physcodelic colours and patterns and which are still synonmous with many a themed party as it was seen as an era fun – non-one took themselves very seriously.  I can also relate those 70′s sweets to that very same decade again these were alot of fun sweets with flying saucers, space dust, drum sticks, refreshers, fruit salads, black jacks – they were all there!  Quite often people contact us here at Sweet Heaven for a 70′s themed party, a popular idea seems to be to give their guests gift bags with 70′s retro sweets in them, people have used these 70′s themed parties for birthdays, wedding anniversaries and school reunions, what a great idea to go to a party with all your old school friends tucking into the sweets which you used to buy from the school tuck shop.  Why not view Sweet Heavens era ideas and receive free delivery for any order you place with us – you wont be disappointed, we are the worlds no. old fashioned traditional sweet shop in the UK.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween wouldnt be Halloween without a Halloween costume!  The more ghoulish the better.  You can either be very artistic and adventerous by making your own or just purchase a ready made costume off the rack.  Once you have your costume sorted your next step is to purchase some sweets for the second part of  the Halloween theme of trick or treating!  There are now a lot of ghoulish sweets now on the market catering for what is now a big event in the UK which has given British tradtional sweets another opening which hast disappointed.  Here at Sweet Heaven you can find flys, spiders, worms, scorpions, skulls, witch lollipops, rats, snakes, and lots more that are guaranteed to give any party or trick or treat bucket a good fright!  So why not check out our super Halloween selection and receive free delivery on your order.

60's sweets

The 60′s are synonomous with so many things good and exciting things – most of which were associated with Britain – the swinging sixties being the most evident in the UK with us leading the way with fashion, music, and the lifting of many tabboos that still existed from Victorian times.  Life was moving at a fast pace that touched most peoples lives, by the end of the decade most homes would have electricity for the first time and TV’s, man walked and the moon and the earliest concept of a “supermarket” hit the streets which changed peoples shopping all of these things are still with us know. Lucikily the one thing that did survive future decades was the corner shop and old fashioned traditional sweet shop”  Thank Goodness.  Life without the traditional sweet shop would have been unimaginable!   How many childrens books feaure the litle sweet shop in them, they are as much a part of British life as what the British pub is!  With the advent of the web sweets have become just as popular online.  Sweet Heaven started its life as a traditional sweet shop and then quickly expanded into selling sweets online with demand in British old fashioned sweets being increadibly high and continues to grow each day.  the popularity of 60′s sweets sweets is repeated for each era 50′s, 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s alike are all popular with our customers, it will be interesting to see what sweets will make the era of the noughties!  Maybe Sweet Heaven’s new Customer Forum where our customers can leave feedback so ou forum will also help us see what the favourite sweets of the noughties may start to look like.  My guess that many of the favourites that we have seen every decade will still feature such as refreshers, drumsticks,  fruit salads, white mice, flying saucers and the list goes on.  If you want to have your say on what you think will be the sweets that will define or be remembered in the noughties decade log onto Sweet Heavens Forum where we would love to hear from you.