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Retro birthday gifts

In between all of these busy periods such as Christmas and Valentines day there are many birthdays to think about.  Birthday gifts can be hard to choose the right gift especially after we have just had to think about all of our Christmas presents and the up and coming Valentines day.  This year why not give something different and give a retro birthday gift from Sweet Heaven we have a large selection of old fashioned sweets to choose from which can be made into bespoke gifts and personalised and sent direct to the recipient’s door anywhere in the UK which is free delivery.

Valentine’s sweets

Have you thought what you are getting this year for a Valentine’s present for a loved one.  The perfect gift would be some Valentine’s sweets as they would remember them from their school days and would make a great talking point as everyone loves retro sweets.  Take a look at Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop’s large selection of retro Valentine sweets you could have gift bags, boxes, hampers and they could be filled with a large variety of retro sweets and you could also have a personal message put on your gift and sent direct to the receipiants door and if they live in the UK this would be free delivery. 


Sweet Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself, your friends and your family; and what better way to do so than by ordering them a bag, box, jar, hamper or cube full of their favourite old fashioned and retro sweets, chocolate and candy?! Here at Sweet Heaven, we have all of the sweets from years gone by and yummy retro sweets you might not have tried so there is something for everyone! From liquorice, jelly sweets, fizzy sweets, nutty, coconut, minty, gummy, sour and even sugar free, there is so much to choose from! We also have a large variety of gifts which are made up with a great selection of sweets and you can even personalise all of our gifts with a message to make it extra special. And with FREE delivery in the UK, our online sweet shop is the ONLY place to shop this Christmas. www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

sweets hamper

There are many different types of hampers for all occassions such as Christmas, Thank you’s, birthdays and corporate gifts the list goes on.  A retro sweets hamper can prove to be very popular, these can come in many varieties from a small gift box through to a large original wicker hamper.  Retro sweets prove to be very popular with many generations they conjure up different stories and memories that are associated with each of the old fashioned sweets inside such as sherbert dip dabs, rhubarb and custard boiled sweets, fruit salads and black jacks, fiz whizz which used to be known as space dust whichever hamper you decide to choose it will be perfect for any occassion especially Christmas and can be delivered free of charge anywhere in the UK.

Old fashioned sweet gifts

This Christmas are you looking for some different presents to buy for your friends and relatives?  Are you struggling for ideas, have you ever considered getting some old fashioned sweet gifts?  These would consist of retro sweets made into different gift ideas and they could be put into bags or boxes or hampers

Old fashioned sweet gifts make the perfect Christmas present and the people who would receive them would really appreciate a gift of old fashioned sweets the ones they would remember from their childhood.  They would be filled with nostalgia and memories so visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop today and see our large selection of old fashioned sweet gifts and receive free delivery within the UK.

Retro chocolate bars

Where do you find retro chocolate bars nowadays, do you know of any local shops that sell them, or do you have to look online and try to find online sweet shops that would offer these products.  Sweet Heaven stocks retro chocolate bars.  We have cadburys freddo’s, curly wurlys, wispas, frys peppermint cremes , old Jamaica, walnut whip.  If there are any other retro chocolate bars that you have been looking for and cannot find then get in contact with us and we will track it down if possible and purchase them ready to supply to you and we also offer free delivery on all of our products within the UK.   

Retro sweet shops free delivery

Have you found any retro sweet shops that offer any free delivery, not free delivery over a certain amount or on a certain product, but genuine free delivery within the UK.  Here at Sweet Heaven that is what we do no matter what size the order or where it is going in the UK it is free delivery.  We have a large selection of retro sweets to choose from that have been made using all the traditional methods and we also have a large selection of wedding favours and retro sweet gifts which are perfect for any occassion.  Take a look today and see for yourself.

Christmas stocking fillers

Are you struggling to find Christmas stocking fillers this year?  Have you been searching and trawling around the shops for something a little different this year and cant decide what to buy for Christmas stocking fillers?  Christmas is a magical time of year, but it can get very stressful when you have so many people to buy for like all of your friends and family members.  Dont let this Christmas stress you out, there are plenty of gift ideas to choose from and you can buy old fashioned sweets to put in your stockings and there are many varieties to choose from.  Take a look at Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and choose from some of our favourite old fashioned sweets stocking fillers and receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Christmas candy canes

Christmas candy cones always remind me of those Christmases from days gone by, Christmases where your grandparents used to tell you that all they got in their stocking was an apple, an orange, a banana and a Christmas candy cane – if they were lucky.  You always see these candy cones used very synonomously with Christmas.  They look great hanging on your Christmas tree as an edible christmas tree decoration, you can use them in childrens Christmas stockings as little fillers and they will also bring a smile to any older generation friends or families who remember these candy cones as a traditional part of Christmas from days gone by.  Check out the Sweet Heaven’s website for these and more ideas for your family and friends this Christmas.  Not only that you will also receive free delivery anywhere in the UK.

Christmas sweets free delivery

Its getting close to that time of the year again where you start to think about what Christmas presents to buy your loved ones.  Some are easier than others, so here is an idea for those hard to buy for friends and family – Christmas sweet gifts.  Dads are widely known as difficult to buy for so why not order them a Christmas hamper full of their favourite old fashioned sweets, you can choose to order sweets from the era they were born ie sweets from the 1950′s, 1960′s, 1970′s, 1980′s, 1990′s etc or order them a retro selection of sweets.  Into the bargain receive your Christmas sweets with free delivery direct to their door anywhere in the UK!

Sweets free delivery

Do you know of an online sweet shop where you genuinely receive free delivery, where there are no catches on the value or type of your order.  Most websites will say you get free delivery when you spend over a certain amount or if you order a certain type.  Sweet Heaven offer sweets free delivery no matter how big or small your order is you can have anything from 200 grammes through to as much as you would like to order.  We have a large selection of wedding sweets and favours to choose from.  We also have a large selection of retro sweet gifts which would be perfecgt for any occassion, take a look today and receive free delivery within the UK.

Traditional sweet shops

Traditional sweet shops are very scarce nowadays on your local high street, you would be very hard pushed to find an old fashioned sweet shop that sells traditional sweets.  Most of them have long since disappeared and what you will have to do nowadays is to go online and search the worldwide web to find one of these traditional sweet shops that is still trading, but now works online.  With the fast pace of todays life, people are so busy and it is very convenient to search online to find what you want to place an order and then within a few days your goods arrive.  Sweet Heaven has gone a step further in making your shopping experience hassle free by making everything on our website free delivery within the UK.

1980's sweets

Have you been looking for 1980′s sweets, the one you used to have from your school days?  Have you had any problems finding all of the brands that you used to know and love from your childhood.  The local sweet shop on the corner seems to have disappeared nowadays and all of the 1980′s sweets that we all used to know and love no longer seem to have a place on our high streets.  But here at Sweet Heaven we have searched long and hard and found all of your favourite 1980′s sweets that you would remember from your school days and we have put them altogether in a 1980′s nostalgia gift box so that you can buy and enjoy for yourself or send to a friend or loved one and take advantage of our free delivery service.

1970's sweets

1970′s sweets are hard to come by nowadays, what was your favourite sweet from your childhood?  Do you remember a specific type that you used to know and enjoy from your school days?  Have you been able to find them recently?  Here at Sweet Heaven, we have sourced and tracked down all of your old fashioned 1970′s sweets and put them altogether in a 1970′s gift box and you can receive free delivery on this gift box simply to enjoy yourself or to treat a friend or a loved one  on any special occassion.  Take a look today at our online sweetshop and receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Coconut Mushrooms Traditional Sweets

Coconut Mushrooms are an old fashioned, traditional sweet that over the years have got more and more delicous and are now a very popular coconut retro sweet. They are a foamy marshmallow mushroom with a chocolate and coconut top and are so scrumptious they will leave you wanting more and more! If your not a fan of coconut yourself but have a friend that is they they would love these and they would be a perfect gift. We also have our ‘Coconut Crazy’ gift bag for all the coconut lovers out there. Order your sweet gifts today from www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk FREE standard delivery in the UK.

1950's sweets

If you have any family or friends born in the 1950′s and you are unsure as to what to buy them for any occassions such as birthdays, Christmas etc why not look at buying them a gift of traditional sweets from the era in which they were born!  Here at Sweet Heaven we have gifts to cover each era right from the 1940′s through to the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s.  Wait til you see your loved ones face or friends face as their faces light up in delight, not only will it keep them busy munching on the sweets they will also while a way time reminicing over days gone by.  The other beauty of ordering your sweets online from Sweet Heaven, we will deliver them free to anywhere in the UK.

Sweets Online Free Delivery

If you order sweets online its hard to get free delivery with many of the companies that you see when you search the web, however, here at Sweet Heaven thats exactly what we do sweets online with free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.  We wanted a simple to use website with transparent costs so that when you check out at the end with your order you are not hit with lots of additional costs that you hadnt budgted for as you chose your sweets.  So why not check out the Sweet Heaven website to see how easy it is, all our sweets are split into categories so if you have a favourite taste ie chocolate, jelly, mint or you are looking for a gift for someone you can select on the relevant product page and find a whole list of old fashioned sweets under each product, or gifts and the list goes on.

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1940's sweets

Who would have thought that in the year of 2010 that we would have been buying 1940′s sweets because we know and love them so much and like to bring back all of those memories.  At Sweet Heaven we  have tracked down these old fashioned sweets from our past and Sweet Heaven have a large stock of them and have made special gifts called nostalgia boxes so that you can remember those sweets from the 1940′s.  Liquorice was popular in those days such as catherine wheels, comfits, torpedoes and hard liquorice sticks and many more.   Take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection and receive free delivery direct to you door anywhere in the UK.

Christmas sweets

This Christmas are you stuck for ideas of what to get everyone?  Do you spend hours on end trawling around the shops looking at all of the overpriced gifts and presents that are on sale?  Thinking I just do not know what to buy everyone this Christmas, well why not this Christmas do something different and imaginative and buy some retro sweets and have them put into a gift and sent to all of your friends and relatives.  Retro sweets make the perfect gift as the receipient will remember them vividly and be so excited to receive all of their favourite sweets from times gone by.  Sweet Heaven will also deliver direct to your door for free anywhere in the UK which is just what you need around Christmas time is to keep your costs low.

Sweets free delivery

Have you been looking to order some sweets and receive free delivery because having to pay a delivery charge on top of your sweets is not a good feeling that is why we spend hours on end trawling the shops trying to find the old fashioned sweets that we know and remember from times gone by.  When we have travelled for so many hours to find what we are looking for and we cannot actually find them it is then that we turn to the online sweet shops, but it always greaves me to pay a delivery charge.  That is why Sweet Heaven decided to make all of their old fashioned sweets and gifts free delivery within the UK.