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Sweet shop sweets

Where do you find sweet shop sweets as there are not many real traditional sweet shops left.  You can find these at online sweet shops that specialise in retro sweets, the ones that you used to buy from the sweet shops when you were young.  These would be makes like fruit salads, black jacks, refreshers, foam bananas, shrimps, candy necklaces and many more.  Sweet Heaven online specialises in sweet shop sweets and have got hundreds to choose from and we sell them all with free delivery so you can enjoy your purchase and also you could send some to a friend on any occasion so take a look today at the selection we have on offer.

Buy sweets online

If you have been searching for one of those traditional sweet shops that used to be on the corner of every road and you cannot find one for love nor money, then rather than searching around day after day why not buy sweets online!  It can be a simple process and quite cost effective if you find the right supplier Sweet Heaven offer a free delivery service so that you can buy sweets online without having a large delivery cost involved and we have a large selection to choose from that you will remember from your school days and also a good gift selection so that you can send some to your friends or relatives on special occasions so take a look at our large selection today.  We have old fashioned sweets from era’s such as 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and 90′s, so it will be a nostalgic treat for anyone who would like to bring back some memories of the good old days to simply treat yourself or to send that special gift to someone that you know.  Try Sweet Heaven today and you will be impressed with the service that is provided and do not forget it is free UK delivery.

Traditional sweet shops

There once was a time when there were many traditional sweet shops scattered around and on every street corner, these have become a thing of the past and have long since disappeared.  You very rarely find one in your local shopping malls or local high street shops, traditional sweet shops used to be at the heart of the high street shops many years ago.   Nowadays as time has moved on and changed traditional sweet shops have become a thing of the past and has moved to online shopping.  People will now search on the internet to find what they are looking for rather than on the high streets where these shops used to struggle to survive due to the amount of people coming through the door and the ever changing demands on rent and living costs.  If you are looking to purchase some old fashioned sweets that you would remember from your childhood from eras such as the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s, then why not take a look at Sweet Heaven’s online sweetshop and see the large selection of old fashioned sweets that are on sale and that have been hand picked and sourced from manufacturers who used to supply all of the local traditional sweet shops and we have brought them all together for your convenience and to enjoy now and for the foreseeable future.

Traditional sweet shops

Traditional sweet shops are very scarce nowadays on your local high street, you would be very hard pushed to find an old fashioned sweet shop that sells traditional sweets.  Most of them have long since disappeared and what you will have to do nowadays is to go online and search the worldwide web to find one of these traditional sweet shops that is still trading, but now works online.  With the fast pace of todays life, people are so busy and it is very convenient to search online to find what you want to place an order and then within a few days your goods arrive.  Sweet Heaven has gone a step further in making your shopping experience hassle free by making everything on our website free delivery within the UK.