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Sweets of yesteryear

What would you class as sweets of yesteryear?  Would it be fruit salad chews, black jacks, sherbet fountains, refresher chews, rhubarb and custard boiled sweets or double lollies sticks, whichever of these old fashioned sweets that you would class as sweets of yesteryear would depend on what era you were born in whether that be the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s or 90′s.  Then you would be able to recognise which one would be from your era and each would have their own nostalgic meaning and how funny it is that we all have our own story associated with sweets of yesteryear as we could be standing innocently waiting for a bus one day simply day dreaming with a package of old fashioned sweets in our pocket and get one of them out and suddenly be transported back to the good old days when we would be enjoying such old fashioned sweets from days gone by.  If you want to remember and relive some of those days then visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and see what we have on offer for you and I would hope that you would not be disappointed with the large selection that we have to offer so that you can simply treat yourself or a loved one to some old fashioned candies today.

Sweets Of Yesteryear

People always have their own favourite sweets of yesteryear and normally a story attached to it like when they was young and would stop at the local sweet shop on their way to school and fill a white paper bag full of their favourite sweets, you could really fill a whole bag of your favourite sweets for 10p that could last you the whole day,things like space dust which was popping candy know called fizz whiz and refresher chews which have sherbet in the middle and are still an old favourite today,whatever your favourite sweets of yesteryear bring back some memories with sweet heaven and get your favourite retro sweets delivered free of charge.