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Sugar free sweets

If you have a sweet tooth, but do not fancy a sugar overload then you can enjoy sugar free sweets!  Nowadays they come in all sorts of flavours, you can get a good mixture of boiled sugar free sweets and also jellies and you can also get chocolates.   Sweet Heaven have a good selection to choose from and you can also get them put into a gift and sent to a friend on a special occasion such as Valentines, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Halloween and Christmas.  These are nostaligic gifts that can be enjoyed by anyone, so take a look at our selection today and you will receive free UK delivery.

Mother’s day gifts

As we approach Mother’s day I always wonder what I could buy differently for my mum for that special Mothers day gifts from the bouquet of flowers that I know she will love, but that she will also not be surprised to receive. However,  with Sweet Heaven’s vast choice of sweets from old fashioned hampers to retro cubes finally I can move away from the flowers and get her a gift delivered directly to her door and that will both take her by surprise and make her face light up with a big smile when she opens up her black gift box of sweets all wrapped in vibrant pink tissue paper where she will notice a delicate smell of sweets that will remind her of her school days when she used to buy these sweets from either the school tuck shop or from the corner sweet shop, she never has lost her sweet tooth so I know these will go down a storm.  However, don’t go by my ideas for your Mothers day gifts check out Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop for many more ideas for Mothers day, from wicker hampers to boxes, to cubes, to glass bottles to gift bags all full of your mum’s favourite sweets, colours.  You can even choose your sweets by the era that is relevant to your mother ie sweets from the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s,90′s and the list goes on!

Types of sweets

There are so many different types of sweets to choose from these days that its hard to know where to start with all your good old favourites to choose from, let alone trying anything new!  With traditional sweets dating back over all the different eras 30′s, 40′s 50′s 60′s, 70′s 80′s, 90′s and now the noughties.  These old fashioned sweets or what some call retro sweets never loose their appeal across the generations, sweets transcend generations.  Everyone has a sweet tooth for some form of a sweet even if its just the occassional mint – do you know of one single person who never eats sweets?  There is something to tickle everyones taste buds.  Check out the Sweet Heaven website to see hundreds of different types of sweets to see what I mean!

50's sweets

One day I was trying to think of something different to buy my dad but not too expensive, if you know what I mean… Then my mum suggested I buy something to do when he was born ie sweets from the 50′s and then the conversation turned to “I remember when…” and it turned to the sweets that that they used to go and buy when they were little (my dad still has a sweet tooth to this day), and then thats when I thought of putting together sweets that reflected different decades.  All have their own little twist to a new sweet of the era, but the old favourites I found stood the test of time in each decade!  Well I put together a large retro cube for my dad and he was over the moon to the point of telling is mates in the pub who then placed ordered for similar cubes!  These sweets go down equally aswell abroad to family and friends of British people who have expatriated to sunnier climates, but traditional sweets are like a good pint of beer you cant get them anywhere other than Britain.