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Sweet shop sweets

Where do you find sweet shop sweets as there are not many real traditional sweet shops left.  You can find these at online sweet shops that specialise in retro sweets, the ones that you used to buy from the sweet shops when you were young.  These would be makes like fruit salads, black jacks, refreshers, foam bananas, shrimps, candy necklaces and many more.  Sweet Heaven online specialises in sweet shop sweets and have got hundreds to choose from and we sell them all with free delivery so you can enjoy your purchase and also you could send some to a friend on any occasion so take a look today at the selection we have on offer.

Traditional Sweet Jars

Traditional sweet  jars are hard to find especially the ones with the plunger style lids on them just like the old fashioned ones that they used to have in the sweet shops from years ago,sweet heaven uses traditional sweet jars just like the ones that you would remember from your childhood in the sweet shops that you used to know.

Our jars are of the highest quality and will last you for years so they could be refilled time and time again so that you could enjoy all of the old fashioned sweets that you used to know and love,so if you have always wanted your very own traditional sweet jar then take a look at sweet heavens range and treat yourself to one today and take advantage of our free UK delivery.

Sweet shop online

It is hard to find the right sweet shop online as you can be searching around the internet for what seems like forever and a day and not coming up with the right selection as you can be searching through the shops pages and not finding what you want and then coming to the end of the checkout process thinking you have had  a good deal and then only to find out that there is a large delivery charge on top of our sweet order.  The best thing to do is search for what you are looking for in Google ie, sweets and you should find at the top of the rankings the relevant sweet shops that have earned their place and proved their worth in the top few searches.  So if you are looking for a sweet shop online and would like to taste some of the traditional old school sweets that you used to taste from your childhood and would like to relive some of those memories from when you used to savour all of those different tastes from your childhood or even to send a retro sweet gift to one of your friends or relatives for a special occassion such as Valentine’s day take a look at Sweet Heaven’s sweet shop online and take advantage of our free delivery service and large selection of retro sweet gifts.

Sweets of the 80's

Sweets of the 80′s are in high demand today and they can still be found if you locate the right online sweet sweet shop,as most of the sweet shops around housing estates and on high streets have sadly dissappeared.

The 1980′s saw lots of old favourites such as whispa bars, foam mushrooms, wham bars, love hearts and many more,people get so nostalgic when they think back to there childhood and like to have something to remember and talk about and one thing that always springs to mind is old fashioned sweets.

Sweet heaven have put together a special collection 80′s sweets and called it an 80′s nostalgia box,take a look today and treat a friend or yourself to a piece of history.

Old Fashioned Sweet Shop Jars

Genuine old fashioned sweet shop jars really are in high demand,especially when they are filled with peoples favourite retro sweets,those thick glass jars with a plunger style lid are a serious fashion accessory and would not look out of place in any kitchen.

People buy these old fashioned sweets jars to keep as they look fantastic,they can be filed time and time again so that when you have visitors they can help themselves and have conversations about how they remember those jars from when they was young  old fashioned sweet shops,so if you have been searching for one then look no further visit sweet heavens online retro sweet shop and get free delivery today.

sweet shops

sweet shops are few and far between and if you dont have the luxury of popping to a local sweet shop then dont worry and pop to sweet heaven which will have every thing you could imagine and more…in fact local shop or not you would be mad not to take a look