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Sweet shop sweets

Where do you find sweet shop sweets as there are not many real traditional sweet shops left.  You can find these at online sweet shops that specialise in retro sweets, the ones that you used to buy from the sweet shops when you were young.  These would be makes like fruit salads, black jacks, refreshers, foam bananas, shrimps, candy necklaces and many more.  Sweet Heaven online specialises in sweet shop sweets and have got hundreds to choose from and we sell them all with free delivery so you can enjoy your purchase and also you could send some to a friend on any occasion so take a look today at the selection we have on offer.

Easter ideas

Are you stuck for ideas of what to do for your Easter festivities this year.  Is it just your usual chocolate Easter egg from the supermarket that are all the same and have got no character or anything different about them and your children will probably receive about 8 or 10 of them!  If you are looking for Easter ideas then why not start with some chocolate foil Easter eggs and organise an Easter egg hunt for your children by simply hiding these  foil eggs around the house and out in the garden and simply send your children off to find them and that will keep them both busy and amused for hours.  Also for the big kids Sweet Heaven online do a nice range of different gift ideas ranging from gift bags and cubes through to boxes and large wicker hampers that can be sent with a personalised message on and can be sent through the post to the lucky recipient.  There are only about 2 weeks until Easter so please do not hesitate to put in your order as we have limited stocks for these items as the chocolate foil Easter eggs are selling out quickly as people are buying them up looking forward to the celebrations.  So order today and receive free delivery within the UK.

Royal wedding parties

Over the next few weeks lots of people will be planning their royal wedding parties to celebrate the royal wedding, afterall its not often we have them and also  receive a national bank holiday into the bargain!  Lots of families and neighbours will be looking to reminise over their very own experiences of royal celebrations such as the coronation, silver Jubilee, Charles and Diana’s wedding etc, where streets throughout England were decorated, long tables were set up with lots of goodies including, cakes, sweets, chocolates etc.  This celebration will be no different alot of people I know are already planning their parties.  These parties are at heart for the children who will enjoy playing party games with prizes and the party food, and the adults will be enjoying just having a day off and mingling with friends.  Instead of buying expensive prizes for the party games, why not buy sweetie party bags which not only taste great, will also add to the part atmosphere.  Here at Sweet Heaven we have many suitable ideas whether it is sweetie party bags, gift boxes, or just a case of having a sweet buffet on the table, just check out the website www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk for ideas and not only that we will deliver direct to your door for free anywhere in the UK.  So go on make your party one to remember like the ones you experienced in your day!

Easter egg hunt

The time of year is approaching for children to get very excited and to have something to keep them amused for a while because Easter is fast approaching and one classic Easter game is an Easter egg hunt.  All you need to do is purchase chocolate foil eggs and place them around your home and garden and the children will have hours of fun searching and playing games in order to find their Easter eggs.  Most children go through the year looking forward to the next event, this is a magical time both for children and adults alike as we know the meaning of Easter is not just about chocolate eggs!  An Easter egg hunt is a great way to get people together and communicate with each other in order to find the eggs and to see who comes back with the most so it also brings out the competitive side and also is a lot of fun at the same time both for the children and the adults.  There are several different ways to put your Easter egg hunt together, most of which will depend on the age of your children, some of whom will not have played this before, it may be a good idea to use some smaller Easter eggs to show the smaller ones the way to the bigger eggs, it worked for us last year!   Take a look at www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk and see the selection of foil Easter eggs that are on offer for your celebrations and dont forget you will receive free UK delivery on your order.

Mother’s Day 3rd April 2011

Mother’s Day 2011 is nearly upon us, now if you are anything like myself you might leave this until the last minute and then rush down to the local supermarket to buy a bunch of flowers only to find that everyone else has had the same idea and queues are ridiculous and all of the best flowers have gone.  So this year, why not be prepared in advance and buy something a little different like some traditional sweets that your mother would remember from her school days.  It would be a nostalgic gift with a difference and she would be thrilled with something a little different.  Mothers day only comes but once a year so you should show your love and appreciation for your mother in a way that is a little bit different so that when the gift is received she will be thrilled to bits and you will have a lot to talk about such as  moments in her school days when she would indulge in these traditional sweets on her way to school when she used to visit the local sweet shop.  Sweet Heaven online supply a large selection of retro sweets and gifts that can be used for special occasions such as Mothers day and there can also be a personal message put onto the label and delivered free of charge within the UK. 

Sweet shops

Where do you go to find genuine old fashioned sweet shops just how they used to be and how you remember them from your school days.  Do you get ready and get in the car and travel for miles to the nearest town and hope that there is one there or to one of your local shopping centres and pay for parking and then search around to find on or do you do what most people do nowadays and search on the internet?  If you are trying to find some old fashioned sweets just like the ones you used to have when you were young in the sweet shops that used to be around years ago, then the best thing to do is to just type sweets into google and the most relevant sweet shops will appear in the top few searches, with Sweet Heaven online being one of them.  We have searched for a long time to find old fashioned sweets just like the way you would remember them and from all the original manufacturers so that they have been made in the traditional way to bring you all of the flavours that you would expect from genuine old fashioned sweets, if you want to relive some of those memories or you have been searching for some good sweet shops then take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection and take advantage of our free delivery services within the UK.

Old sweets shop

Do you know of any old sweets shops where you can get genuine old fashioned sweets like the ones you used to get when you were young and in your school days.  The ones on the corner of your road have long since disappeared and have been redeveloped.  If you have been searching for an old sweet shop just like the one you used to know when you were young and have had no joy then you will be pleased to know that Sweet Heaven Online has recreated that old sweets shop  that you used to know and love and have tracked down all the old favourites that you would remember so take a look today at all of the old fashioned sweets on offer and take advantage of the free UK delivery offer.

Sweets Online

The best place to buy some good old fashioned sweets nowadays is online.  You can get a large selection of sweets online from Sweet Heaven.  We have a good selection of boiled, jelly, gum, chocolate, toffee and mint.  All of these can be arranged and made into gifts to send to someone on a special occassion or even just to say thank you.  You can also just purchase them if you fancy some or have a craving and maybe if you were planing a wedding we have lots of wedding sweets to choose from.  So why not order your sweets online from Sweet Heaven-online and receive free UK delivery.

Valentines gifts

You should maybe have a little time to rest and recover from Christmas and all the cold weather at the moment so while you are sitting in the comfort of your own home relaxing and watching Christmas movies you should maybe think about an upcoming event which if overlooked or forgotten about could get you into a lot of trouble, especially with your wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or loved one – that occassion is Valentines Day which falls on February 14.  It is a special day when you can show your love and affection for that special person in your life and here at Sweet Heaven online we specialise in Valentines gifts such as red heart shaped boxes, full of red chocolate hearts and specially designed gift bags that can be full of retro sweets and have a personal message on and delivered direct to your Valentines door and you will also receive free UK delivery.

Valentine’s day sweets

I know Christmas is barely upon us, but you will need to start thinking about Valentine’s Day as you can get caught out by forgetting your girlfriend/wife/husband or loved one and get into alot of trouble for not getting them a little surprise present and a card.  Something that would go down very well would be Valentine sweets and chocolates and Sweet Heaven online do a wide variety of both.  You can choose from a gift bag through to a large wicker hamper full of retro sweets.  You can have them personalised with a message and sent to direct to your loved ones door and receive free UK delivery.

Christmas stocking fillers

Are you struggling to find Christmas stocking fillers this year?  Have you been searching and trawling around the shops for something a little different this year and cant decide what to buy for Christmas stocking fillers?  Christmas is a magical time of year, but it can get very stressful when you have so many people to buy for like all of your friends and family members.  Dont let this Christmas stress you out, there are plenty of gift ideas to choose from and you can buy old fashioned sweets to put in your stockings and there are many varieties to choose from.  Take a look at Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and choose from some of our favourite old fashioned sweets stocking fillers and receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Favourite retro sweets

What is your favourite retro sweets?  Do you have a favourite that you remember from yesteryear?  Was there a particular brand that you used to have and that you would remember today.  The old fashioned sweets that we used to know and love have long since disappeared from the sweet shops that you used to be on the corner of our roads that we used to frequent on our way to school, but since then the online retro sweetshop has taken its place and Sweet Heaven online has tracked down all of these retro sweets that you used to know and love.  So why not take a look on our website today and take a look at our large selection of sweets and gifts and receive free delivery within the UK.