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Christmas Candy Canes

Traditional christmas candy canes are a big part of christmas as they are associated with all of the festive celebrations, those striped candy canes go back as long as i can remember and there was always one or two in my Christmas stocking. Christmas candy canes can be used for a number of reasons, one could be for decorating your tree, use them as stocking fillers or simply give them to young children and adults alike as a gift.  Visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and check out our selection of traditional candy canes and you can order some and receive f UK delivery in time for Christmas.

Old fashioned Christmas sweets

If you are looking for some different and interesting Christmas gifts this year and not the usual run of the mill stocking fillers then why not try something different and buy some old fashioned christmas sweets.  The ones that people will remember from when they were young from their school days.  Old fashioned sweets such as sherbert fountains, wham bars, refreshers, fruit salads, black jacks, anglo bubbly, mojo’s all of the old favourites that would usually come in what paper bag.  This Christmas why not relive some of those memories that you used to have from years gone by and treat yourself and friends to some old fashioned Christmas sweets and take a look at our online sweetshop and you will receive free UK delivery.

Stocking Fillers

That time of year is fast approaching when we all can not beleive it is upon us again,yes christmas is coming around again and we have to start thinking about presents and stocking fillers.

What a hard task trying to find everyone a different present and trying to find different stocking fillers,you never know what to buy,this year why not try something different why dont you try some retro sweets they are sure to put a smile on anyones face.

When someobody recieves a gift of retro sweets the delight on their face will be so aparent so if you are looking for soe unique stocking fillers this year take a look at sweet heavens online sweet shop and everything is free delivery within the uk.