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Favourite vintage sweets

What would your favourite vintage sweets be?  Do you have a favourite sweet that you used to have from your school days?  I do, I remember dip dab, lovely strawberry lollipops with a bag full of sherbert which seemed to last forever, followed by some flying saucers which would melt in our mouth which would be full of sherbert.  It was a taste sensation.  My trip to school was always filled with excitement because my favourite part of the trip would be a visit to the local sweet shop.  Nowadays all such sweet shops have pretty much disappeared, so if you are looking for some vintage sweets, checkout Sweet Heaven where you can receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Favourite old fashioned sweets

Can you remember what your favourite old fashioned sweets were from your school days my favourite old fashioned sweets was flying saucers which were sherbert filled saucer shaped rice paper which melts in your wife and then the sensation of the sherbert which melts on your tongue was out of this world.  Also I remember refresher chews they were very juicy and chewy and were also filled with sherbert in the middle.  Another one I remember was anglo bubbly which was a round slab of bubble gum which you could blow large bubbles with.  All of these favourite old fashioned sweets and much much more can be found in Sweet Heaven’s old fashioned sweet shop online and receive free delivery direct to your door in the UK.

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