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Travel sweets

It is coming to the time of year when you may be thinking about your summer holidays and one thing that is normally over looked is that a simple thing such as travel sweets because you would need these for many reasons one of which being when your children are getting a little restless a sweet normally does the trick and keeps them quiet and takes their mind off the long journey and the eternal phrase “are we there yet”.  Travel sweets are also good for the use on an aeroplane because they help you swallow a lot when your ears start to pop due to the air pressure.  This year when you are planning your holidays think about your travel sweets from Sweet Heaven as we have a large selection to choose from such as original traditional toffee, rhubarb and custards, lemon sherbets, humbugs, bulls eyes, rosie apples, all of these are old fashioned sweets and will go down well on your travels.

Old fashioned sweets free delivery

When you have been looking for your favourite old fashioned sweets around the high street shops and your local area and cant seem to find what you are looking for such as all of the sweets you used to eat from your childhood.  Such as cola kubes, lemon sherberts, rhubarb and custards, rosie apples or one of your favourite fudges.  Then you should try looking online.  Here at Sweet Heaven we have a large selection of your favourite old fashioned sweets and we also offer free delivery so that you do not have to waste your time and energy trawling shops.

Traditional boiled sweets

Nowadays it is hard to find genuine traditional hard boiled sweets that are made the way they used to be made using all the old fashioned methods.  There are many varieties of traditional boiled sweets and many favourites such as apple and blackberry, banana and custard, pear drops, rosie applies, sherbert lemons, rhubarb and custards all of which if are not made by the right manufacturer using the tried and tested old fashioned methods would simply not taste the same, so dont be fooled into buying a cheaper option and comprise the taste and satisfaction of savouring genuine traditional boiled sweets.  Take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection of retro sweets and take advantage of our free delivery service today.

Favourite Old Sweets

Whats your favourite old sweets,there are so many different varieties to choose from and also different eras such as 50′s,60′s,70′s,and 80′s sweets.The memories that are also associated with them are so vivid and people get so nostalgic when talking about their favourites.

I remember old fashioned sweets like rosie apples and rhubarb and custards,also sherbet fountains which was a liquorice stick in some very tangy sherbet,they was and still are great even thouth the packaging has changed from a totally paper packet to having a plastic end.

Some people would say they dont make them how they used to,but they do take a look in our online sweet shop today and get free delivery.

Sweets Heaven

As a young boy i would on many occassion walk into my local old fashioned sweet shop and just stare at the jars it really was sweets heaven there was row after row of them full of lovely bright colours.I would say to the shop keeper i just can’t decide what to have today should i have my usual 10p mix or try a quarter of something from the jars.

Those were the days when life was so simple,you can still find your own sweets heaven today take a look at our website as we have tracked down all the old fashioned sweets that you would remember like rhubarb and custards,rosie apples foam bananas and many more too and its free delivery within the uk.