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New Years Eve Retro sweets

This New Years Eve are you going out to a party or are you having friends and family around to your house maybe, if you are you will need a good supply of drinks and food and retro sweets would go down very well and you could do a pick and mix and people would surely remember most of the retro sweets that were on display.  They make a great talking point and most people would remember these from their school days so if you are planning a New Years Eve party then take a look at Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and see how a vast range of retro sweets which you can receive free UK delivery.

Retro Sweets

An increased appetite for retro sweets has made Sweet Heaven, possibly the UK’s largest online sweet shop, see a huge increase in the sales of its sweets over the Christmas period of 2010.

It seems that people feel very nostalgic about confectionery and reminding themselves of happy times during their childhood is a key element tothe success of Sweet Heaven. Online sweet shops seems to popping up every time we search in Google but the true original sweet shops like Sweet Heaven stand out from the rest.

Why are sweet sales on the increase?, the recession seems to be making people reminisce about the past, and this has helped increase the popularity of retro sweets within the UK.

Confectionery in Britain has being a slow development throughout the decades, boiled sweets being introduced in the 1920′s, 1950′ brought us Sherbet, the 1960′s Chewy sweets and old fashioned saying ‘a quarter of’.

Then to the 1980′s brought us favourite term ‘pick and mix’ of which we all remember.

Retro Sweets

You cannot miss Retro Sweets, even the supermarkets have cashed in on the retro sweets trend selling the old favourites such as Black Jacks, Mint Imperials and Flying Saucers. But these do not compare to the sweets from Sweet Heaven in any way. Sweet Heavens hand picked sweets are the best quality sweets available.

27 Christmas shopping days left

That has come around quick hasn’t it only 27 christmas shopping days left until christmas, i feel like i say this every year but its true and it is here again that time of year when we all start rushing around frantically not knowing what to buy each other.

Well this year why not buy a Christmas gift with a difference something they will remember for a long time to come a retro sweet gift, yes all of their favourite retro sweets that they have not seen since their school days, retro sweets will bring back so many memories of our childhood so why not order some today from sweet heavens online sweet shop and receive free UK delivery

sweets hamper

There are many different types of hampers for all occassions such as Christmas, Thank you’s, birthdays and corporate gifts the list goes on.  A retro sweets hamper can prove to be very popular, these can come in many varieties from a small gift box through to a large original wicker hamper.  Retro sweets prove to be very popular with many generations they conjure up different stories and memories that are associated with each of the old fashioned sweets inside such as sherbert dip dabs, rhubarb and custard boiled sweets, fruit salads and black jacks, fiz whizz which used to be known as space dust whichever hamper you decide to choose it will be perfect for any occassion especially Christmas and can be delivered free of charge anywhere in the UK.

Unique Christmas Retro Sweets and Gifts

Have you been thinking recently about how christmas is just around the corner and what you are going to buy everyone again, year after year we have the same dilemma well this year why not buy some uniqe christmas sweets and gifts, here at sweet heaven we have a large selection of christmas retro sweets that can be personalised and delivered direct to the door of your freinds and family members with no worrying from yourself.

The process is easy simply choose your retro gift tell us your personal message and complete our easy checkout and we will do the rest and deliver your unique gift  in plenty of time free within the uk

Original Christmas Sweets & gifts

Are you struggling to buy original Christmas Sweets and gifts this year to buy your family and friends, have you been looking around the shops at all the diferent products on offer or have you been looking online at the many different outlets this year why not buy some really original christmas sweets and gifts from Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop.  Christmas is one of our specialities and we offer lots of exciting and different Christmas gift ideas for you and your family to enjoy over the festive season.  Which range from gift bags full of retro sweets to large wicker hampers which can be delivered direct to your door with free delivery.

Gifts for him

Buying gifts for anyone can be difficult you can spend hours on end searching  inside shops on the high street not really knowing what to buy him,but if you was to give some retro sweets as a present he will surely love them as most of us do.

We associate times and places usually from our childhood when we would of had these retro sweets like the time when i fell off my bike and what do you think made it better,yes a trip to my local sweet shop that was my favourite place in the whole world it made everything better so if you are struggling for ideas on what o buy him then take a look at our online sweet shop and get some inspiration and we can send them as a nice gift with a personal message on and give free uk delivery.

Old fashioned sweet gifts

This Christmas are you looking for some different presents to buy for your friends and relatives?  Are you struggling for ideas, have you ever considered getting some old fashioned sweet gifts?  These would consist of retro sweets made into different gift ideas and they could be put into bags or boxes or hampers

Old fashioned sweet gifts make the perfect Christmas present and the people who would receive them would really appreciate a gift of old fashioned sweets the ones they would remember from their childhood.  They would be filled with nostalgia and memories so visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop today and see our large selection of old fashioned sweet gifts and receive free delivery within the UK.

Retro sweet shops free delivery

Have you found any retro sweet shops that offer any free delivery, not free delivery over a certain amount or on a certain product, but genuine free delivery within the UK.  Here at Sweet Heaven that is what we do no matter what size the order or where it is going in the UK it is free delivery.  We have a large selection of retro sweets to choose from that have been made using all the traditional methods and we also have a large selection of wedding favours and retro sweet gifts which are perfect for any occassion.  Take a look today and see for yourself.

Traditional christmas sweet gifts

Where can you find genuine traditional christmas sweet gifts, the ones where all of the sweets have been made with the same methods that they have for years using all of the old fashioned methods and machinery.  Sweet Heaven have got some unique traditional sweet gifts to choose from.  Ones that where all the sweets inside have been made using all the original old fashioned methods making these gifts a very special present to give somebody.  We have original wicker hampers to choose from filled with retro sweets and original glass jars through to gift bags so if you are looking for some presents to give this Christmas then take a look at our online sweet shop and you will receive free UK delivery.

Christmas sweets free delivery

Its getting close to that time of the year again where you start to think about what Christmas presents to buy your loved ones.  Some are easier than others, so here is an idea for those hard to buy for friends and family – Christmas sweet gifts.  Dads are widely known as difficult to buy for so why not order them a Christmas hamper full of their favourite old fashioned sweets, you can choose to order sweets from the era they were born ie sweets from the 1950′s, 1960′s, 1970′s, 1980′s, 1990′s etc or order them a retro selection of sweets.  Into the bargain receive your Christmas sweets with free delivery direct to their door anywhere in the UK!

1990′s sweets

Sweets of the 1990′s are different to what they were a few decades ago, most of the sweets around in the 1990′s nowadays are retro sweets.  The ones that were around when we were young and used to have in our school days.  You would find things like sherbert dip dabs, mojo’s, fruit salads, candy necklaces, flying saucers, space dust now known as fiz whizz.  When I was at school there was a tuck shop and we used to queue up every day with a list of our favourite old fashioned sweets ready to try and order as many of our favourites as possible with the 20p we used to have in our pockets and that was on a good day.   If you would like to relive some of those memories too then take a look at Sweet Heavens online sweet shop and receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Christmas sweets

This Christmas are you stuck for ideas of what to get everyone?  Do you spend hours on end trawling around the shops looking at all of the overpriced gifts and presents that are on sale?  Thinking I just do not know what to buy everyone this Christmas, well why not this Christmas do something different and imaginative and buy some retro sweets and have them put into a gift and sent to all of your friends and relatives.  Retro sweets make the perfect gift as the receipient will remember them vividly and be so excited to receive all of their favourite sweets from times gone by.  Sweet Heaven will also deliver direct to your door for free anywhere in the UK which is just what you need around Christmas time is to keep your costs low.

Corporate sweets

Corporate sweets are becoming ever more popular for rewarding staff because what do you buy your workforce to enpower them and make them feel appreciated in todays challenging times.  A hamper filled with jam and tea bags and all the usual items just doesnt cut it for people, nowadays they can be filled with all of your favourite retro sweets. All of the ones you remember from your school days such as sherbert fountains, space dust, Kali, foam bananas, shrimps, mojo’s and all of your favourite chocolates thrown in aswell.  If you are thinking of corporate rewards this year then visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and take a look at their large selection of gifts on offer which you can have personalised with your company logos and labels and you will also receive free delivery within the UK.

Sweets of the 70's

What was your favourite sweets of the 70′s?  Do you remember them like it was yesterday because these old fashioned sweets have a tendency of sticking in your mind and we associate lots of different stories and tastes with all of these old fashioned sweets that we used to eat.  Today most of these 70′s retro sweets can be found at an online sweet shop.  Sweet Heaven specialise in nostalgic sweets we have searched high and low to find all of these retro sweets from days gone by.  So whether it was fruit salads, black jacks, refreshers, drumstick lollies, space dust aka popping candy.  Visit Sweet Heaven’s online shop today and receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

The best Halloween sweets online

Halloween is fast approaching again, the nights are drawing in and we are all thinking about where we are going to be this year.  People are already ordering their Halloween costumes and their retro Halloween sweets ready for their parties.  To choose some really good sweets for your parties check out our website where we have giant rats, scorpions, flys, spiders, skulls, terror eyes bubble gum, candy horror heads and many more Halloween gifts and sweets to choose from.  This year don’t leave your Halloween orders too late as stocks run low quickly as the demand outstrips supply.  So this year be prepared and order some Halloween sweets and gifts from Sweet Heaven and receive free delivery anywhere in the UK.

Favourite traditional sweets

My personal favourite traditional sweets are mint humbugs, rhubarb and custard boiled sweets and milk chocolate brazil nuts, then I think of my favourite retro sweets which immediately spring to mind and its the good refreshers, drumsticks and popping candy – which now seems to go by a lot of different names like fizz wizz or space dust!  I have often thought I would love to do a survey of peopes favourite old fashioned sweets just to see what actually comes out – there could be some surprises in there and while it doesnt matter on anyone’s age as sweets really do transcend age groups, it would still be interesting to compare across the era’s  All I do know is Sweet Heaven can accommodate anyones favourite traditional sweets with a selection of well over 200+ sweets!

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Retro sweets

What is it about retro sweets that captures everyones imagination?  Is it the nostalgia attached to them, the memories or just the taste when you are actually eating the sweets?  What is your memories of retro sweets is it from your school days queuing up at the tuck shop to buy your favourites or is it your journey to school when you  stopped at the old fashioned sweet shop on your way to school. 

Whatever it is everyone seems to be talking about retro sweets you do not seem to be able to find many old fashioned sweet shops anymore so why not relive seem of these memories with Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and get free delivery today.

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Classic sweet hamper

There is nothing better than getting a classic sweet hamper as a present the thrill of when it is delivered to your door.  The thrill is like nothing else that you can imagine, a classic sweet hamper filled with your favourite retro sweets, whether it be a small or large wicker hamper it can be used time and time again.

Christmas is normally the best time of year to receive a classic sweet hamper which the retro sweets can be enjoyed all over the festive period well over January and can be shared with friends and family and when all the sweets are gone you can enjoy the wicker hamper with a nice picnic in the summer.

Sweets Delivered To Your Door

There is nothing better than getting sweets delivered to your door,when you know that you have ordered some of your favourite retro sweets and there is a delivery on the way you get so excited,theres something about your favourite retro sweets that you remember from your childhood being delivered to you that is magical.

You remember things like fruit salads,black jacks,refreshers,mojos,sherbet fountains,dip dabs and many more and you think to your self do they taste the same as they used to taste when i was young when i used to buy penny sweets from the shop on the corner of our road on my way to school,well why not see for yourself,take a look at sweet heavens old fashioned online sweet shop its free delivery.