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retro sweets free delivery

What better way to order your retro sweets than to receive free delivery into the bargain!  Do you remember buying good old fashioned British sweets from your local corner sweet shop on your way to school?  How times have changed for our childrens generation who can now buy online!  We are probably the last generation to truly remember this precious little shop with hundreds of different smells wafting through shop hit you as soon as you walked through the door.  Those little paper bags that we filled up with penny sweets and which we had eaten on the way home before we even got there.  But then there was the other little paper bag of sweets where you had brought a quarter of your favourite sweets from the glass jars which would then see you through the weekend, maybe doing some swaps with your friends litte paper bags of sweets long the way, if you were lucky the shopkeeper would let you have 2 ounces of say kali in one bag (you always got a lot of that one as it was so light) and say 2 ounces of midget gems and as a bonus they would give you the broken bits of sweets at the bottom of the jar if it was nearing the end, what a sweet life!

Halloween fun

Halloween is so much fun, it is  nearlly upon us again,i like all of the four seasons but theres something special about this time of year summer has not long passed which is always very enjoyable and you have just been ejoying autumn and then by halloween it turns cold,nice and crisp.

Theres a buzz on the street and everyone is dressing up and getting ready for parties,people are out trick or treating and collecting all there treats from the doorsteps,this year why not take a look at sweet heavens online shop theres plenty to choose,from jelly spiders,candy skulls,witch marshmallow pops and much more,you can also get retro sweets free delivery within the uk.

Free Delivery

Sweet Heaven are offering free delivery on any size order Know so what are you waiting for come and buy your retro sweets and gifts today.

Your order can be any size to get free delivery so if you fancy a little nibble go on put your order in.