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Order sweets online

Have you been searching around for an old fashioned sweet shop just like the one that used to be on the corner of your road when you were a young boy or girl.  There doesnt seem to be many left nowadays they have long since disappeared.  Retro sweet shops are becoming a thing of the past so you can still find what you are looking for and you can order sweets online.  Take a look at Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop at our large selection of old fashioned sweets and gifts where you wont believe the choice and the value that you will see.  You will even receive free UK delivery so take advantage of this offer today.


There are many different types of varieties and different kinds of sweets that you can buy.  There are old fashioned retro, traditional, old school and most of these sayings mean the same thing – it is sweets that were main years ago.  You can find these sweets in retro sweet shops and mainly online these days as most of these sweet shops have long since closed down.  Old fashioned sweets are popular with people from lots of different eras as they bring back lots of memories and people usually have a story to tell about them.  So if you fancy reliving some childhood memories visit our online sweet shop and see our large selection of online sweets and gifts and receive free UK delivery.

Retro sweet shops

There are not many retro sweet shops on the local high street nowadays or in the shopping centres the real old fashioned shops where you can buy all the different types of traditional sweets are long since gone.  Why would that be when the demand is so high because people love to buy all of their old favourites from their school days, but on the local high street times have changed where we are dominated by the large supermarkets who pushed out the smaller shops out such as the old retro sweet shops out.  So if you are struggling to find one and there is not one local to you, then you could go online and visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and take a look at our large variety of sweets and gifts that you will remember from days gone by and you can receive free UK delivery.

retro sweet shops

retro sweet shops are suppliers of sweets that are also known as traditional sweet shops, old fashioned sweet shops and im sure many other terms, and although many of you think all these shops sell the same sweets this is not the case as there are many traditional sweet shops that will not stock the up to date retro sweets, we at sweet heaven however stock retro, traditional & old fashioned sweets… something for everyone.