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Boiled sweets

Are you looking for the very best boiled sweets that money can buy.  Genuine old fashioned sweets that have been made the traditional way using all of the methods that were used years ago on the same machinery and genuine copper pans to ensure the full taste of the boiled sweets that you would know and love and that you would use to enjoy in the years of your childhood.  Boiled sweets like rhubarb and custards, rosie apples, blackberry and apple, banana and custard, barley sugar and aniseed twist.  Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop has sourced the best manufacturers and producers of genuine old fashioned boiled sweets and have brought them altogether and put them on our website for you to simply order and enjoy and savour the tastes of years gone by.  If you would like a nostalgic trip down memory lane and would like to enjoy the tastes or simply treat a friend or loved one we could have them wrapped in a gift bag or we even do a large boiled sweets gift jar full of all the old favourites where you simply cannot go wrong.  Order today and you will receive free UK delivery and we can even add a personalised message on the gift.

Christmas sweet gifts

Christmas sweet gifts always go down very well and come in lots of different shapes and sizes.  They can be made up of chocolate, old fashioned sweets, hampers, gift bags and boxes.  Christmas sweet gifts can be sent direct to the receipients door with out you leaving your home if you find the right online sweet shop.  Sweet Heaven specialise in sweet gifts for all occassions.  It is simple to use our website and easy to navigate, all you have to do is choose which gift you would like to send, tell us if you would like a personalised message and then simply pay at our checkout and then leave the rest to us and yo will also receive free delivery within the UK.