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Traditional christmas sweet gifts

Where can you find genuine traditional christmas sweet gifts, the ones where all of the sweets have been made with the same methods that they have for years using all of the old fashioned methods and machinery.  Sweet Heaven have got some unique traditional sweet gifts to choose from.  Ones that where all the sweets inside have been made using all the original old fashioned methods making these gifts a very special present to give somebody.  We have original wicker hampers to choose from filled with retro sweets and original glass jars through to gift bags so if you are looking for some presents to give this Christmas then take a look at our online sweet shop and you will receive free UK delivery.

Retro sweet shops

There are not many retro sweet shops on the local high street nowadays or in the shopping centres the real old fashioned shops where you can buy all the different types of traditional sweets are long since gone.  Why would that be when the demand is so high because people love to buy all of their old favourites from their school days, but on the local high street times have changed where we are dominated by the large supermarkets who pushed out the smaller shops out such as the old retro sweet shops out.  So if you are struggling to find one and there is not one local to you, then you could go online and visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and take a look at our large variety of sweets and gifts that you will remember from days gone by and you can receive free UK delivery.

Christmas retro sweet gifts

This year if you are stuck for ideas for original Christmas presents and you have been searching the internet and the local shops for ideas then you should consider buying some retro sweet gifts to send as Christmas presents.  They always go down a treat with the young and old because when such a gift is received the memories which are associated with it always come flooding back and the gift is received with great thanks.  Here at Sweet Heaven we have put together a large assortment of Christmas retro sweet gifts and also we have catered for people of all ages with our nostalgia gift boxes, ranging from 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s there really is something for everyone. Visit our online sweet shop today and see for yourself and you can also receive free UK delivery.

Traditional Christmas sweets

It is fast approaching that time of year again, the Christmas season before you know it it is upon us and so we need to start thinking and preparing all the different things that we have to do.  It is nice to try and keep some of the traditional ways of a true English Christmas.  Such as going to church, sending the many Christmas cards, singing carols, visiting friends and family taking with you your gifts for them.  One idea you could give them this year would be traditional Christmas sweets so visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop for some festive ideas and even receive free UK delivery!

Stocking Fillers

That time of year is fast approaching when we all can not beleive it is upon us again,yes christmas is coming around again and we have to start thinking about presents and stocking fillers.

What a hard task trying to find everyone a different present and trying to find different stocking fillers,you never know what to buy,this year why not try something different why dont you try some retro sweets they are sure to put a smile on anyones face.

When someobody recieves a gift of retro sweets the delight on their face will be so aparent so if you are looking for soe unique stocking fillers this year take a look at sweet heavens online sweet shop and everything is free delivery within the uk.

Christmas stocking

What is your best memory of Christmas Day?  Would it be the excitement of the night before on Christmas Eve when you knew what was coming and thinking of all the special presents you hoped to receive, would it be the planning and preparation  that went into Christmas or would it actually be on the morning of Christmas Day when you received your very first Christmas stocking?  The right stocking would be filled with all sorts of lovely festive treats and it was like opening an Aladdins cave.  It would be filled with all of your favourite sweets and different bits and pieces and the memory would live with you for long after the event had passed.  Visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and see what they have in stock for this year.

1960's sweets

Are you a child of the 1960′s if so what are your memories of this?  One thing that would really stand out in your mind would be old fashioned sweets.  Do you remember these from your school days, do you remember go to your local sweet shop on the way to school.  1960′s sweets are not so easy to come by these days, but here at Sweet Heaven we have sourced all of your old favourite sweets from 1960′s along with many other eras so take a look at our online sweetshop and see if you remember any of the ones that we have in stock and if so why not treat yourself or a friend to one of our old school favourites and receive free delivery.

Corporate sweets

Corporate sweets are becoming ever more popular for rewarding staff because what do you buy your workforce to enpower them and make them feel appreciated in todays challenging times.  A hamper filled with jam and tea bags and all the usual items just doesnt cut it for people, nowadays they can be filled with all of your favourite retro sweets. All of the ones you remember from your school days such as sherbert fountains, space dust, Kali, foam bananas, shrimps, mojo’s and all of your favourite chocolates thrown in aswell.  If you are thinking of corporate rewards this year then visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and take a look at their large selection of gifts on offer which you can have personalised with your company logos and labels and you will also receive free delivery within the UK.

Sweets delight

If you were to receive a parcel of sweets in the post it would be such a delight and you could even say it was sweets delight.  The moment the parcel arrives and you know that there is a special something inside you get butterflies in your stomach, the thought of the contents that you are about to receive and who the gift has come from that you just cannot wait to open it and when you finally do you find it is some of your favourite retro sweets from days gone by.  So what a great idea if you have any special occassions ie., birthdays, Christmas or just to say thank you then visit Sweet Heavens online sweet shop for your sweets delight.

Favourite classic sweets

Sweets from previous decades that we all remember could be referred to as classic sweets.  The ones that really stand the test of time are the ones that have been around since most of us have been born.  From aniseed balls through to winter mixtures the list is so long.  Classic sweets are everyones favourites whether it is your nan, auntie or mother everyone loves classic sweets.  Here at Sweet Heaven we stock every conceivable classic sweet, if you find one we dont do just let us know!  We have searched high and low to find these favaourites to bring these to you so why not take a look at our online sweetshop today and order yourself or a loved one some classic sweets and receive free delivery.

Favourite vintage sweets

What would your favourite vintage sweets be?  Do you have a favourite sweet that you used to have from your school days?  I do, I remember dip dab, lovely strawberry lollipops with a bag full of sherbert which seemed to last forever, followed by some flying saucers which would melt in our mouth which would be full of sherbert.  It was a taste sensation.  My trip to school was always filled with excitement because my favourite part of the trip would be a visit to the local sweet shop.  Nowadays all such sweet shops have pretty much disappeared, so if you are looking for some vintage sweets, checkout Sweet Heaven where you can receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Sweets of the 90's

Sweets were still very popular in the 90′s and lots of different brands and types were coming into the market and then going again as they did not catch on, one make which was such a big favourite was spangles made by mars which made a comeback in the 90′s due to popular demand which was originally launched in the 80′s.

Fruity polo mints was another one which was very popular,kids loved them a nice twist on the original polo mint with the hole in the middle.

Sweet heaven have put together a good selection of 90′s sweets in our nostalgia gift box that if you was born in that era im sure you would love so take a look in our online sweet shop and treat yourself or a friend and recieve free uk delivery.

Sweets of the 80's

Sweets of the 80′s are in high demand today and they can still be found if you locate the right online sweet sweet shop,as most of the sweet shops around housing estates and on high streets have sadly dissappeared.

The 1980′s saw lots of old favourites such as whispa bars, foam mushrooms, wham bars, love hearts and many more,people get so nostalgic when they think back to there childhood and like to have something to remember and talk about and one thing that always springs to mind is old fashioned sweets.

Sweet heaven have put together a special collection 80′s sweets and called it an 80′s nostalgia box,take a look today and treat a friend or yourself to a piece of history.

Sweets of the 60's

The sweets we buy today have changed quite a lot to the way they used to be back in the 60′s,today they all taste the same with no special meaning to them,but believe it or not the old fashioned sweets of the 60′s are still being made today,made the traditioial way with the same methods,you just have to know where to find them, here at sweet heaven we have searched high and low to find the right old fashioned sweets just the way they used to be because we know how important it is that we do not settle for second best and buy sweets that are just made to look and taste the same but are not,so if you want some authentic sweets of the 60′s then take a look in our online sweet shop at our large selection and recieve free delivery.

Favourite online retro sweets

What is your favourite retro sweets?  Is there a certain brand or type of retro sweets that you remember from your childhood.  Nowadays old fashioned sweet shops seem to be very scarce if you cant find one of these old fashioned sweet shops anywhere you will be able to find most of your favourite retro sweets online.  Here at Sweet Heaven we have spent a long time researching and tracking down all of your favourite retro sweets and completed significant research to make sure we purchase the best brands so that we get all of these favourites to you just how you used to remember them.  So why not take a look at our online sweet shop and make an order today and receive free delivery direct to the UK.

Favourite sweets

What is your favourite sweets?  Would it be the sweets from your school days the ones you used to buy from the school tuckshop or the famous 10p mix up.  Would it be pear drops, rhubarb and custards, rosie apples, fruit salads, black jacks or would it be modern sweets,  would have thought it would be the old fashioned variety that we all know and remember and that brings back so many memories for us.  If you were to carry out a poll of Britains favourite sweets then aniseed balls normally comes out close to the top. 

Everyone has their own individual tastes though, I am sure aniseed may not have been at the top of your favourite sweet list.  Whatever yours maybe take at look at Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop, and get free UK delivery.

Retro Sweets Wedding

Its wedding season at the moment and love is in the air,everyone feels better in the summer when the sun is shining and the birds are singing.Yes lots of people have planned and saved for at least a year choosing a venue to get married in on that special day and then having to plan and theme the big day.

It seems to be a growing trend nowadays to have a retro themed wedding,its so much fun to go back in time and bring back all of those memories from days gone by,people will buy all of their favourite retro sweets and have their very own pic and mix,it goes down a treat,why not give it a go,visit sweet heavens online retro sweet shop and get free delivery,on all sweets and favours.