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New Year Resolution

Every year we break new year resolution’s and normally by the 2nd of January,

Well this year why not have a New Year resolution that is easy to keep.

This Year I will only buy Sweets from Sweet Heaven“.

We believe 2011 will be a great year as the UK fights out the economic problems we have faced for the last few years.

So lets celebrate this with sweets. Sweet sales have been growing during the recession and we believe this is due to people wanting to feel good and old fashioned sweets sure hit the spot.

2011 New Year

Sweets Hampers

It is the right time of year to be thinking about purchasing some sweets hampers and sending them as gifts and Christmas presents to friends and family, sweets hampers make the perfect gift on any occasion and would be well received when they arrive at your door.

You can choose sweets hampers in various shapes and sizes and they can be made up of your choice, you could have a small one through to a  large wicker hamper.

People love old fashioned sweets and if you was to put them in a hamper and send them as a gift you could make a friend for life and would certainly have something to talk about when they arrive.

Old Fashioned Sweets for Christmas

Have you got your sweets for this Christmas?  You need a good stock of old fashioned sweets which you can pass around and talk about on Christmas Eve with all of your friends and family and ask who can remember some of the old favourites that would be coming out.  The best way to find sweets for Christmas would be at a reputable online sweet shop.  The sweets that you find in the high street shops are mass produced and not to the same quality as the old fashioned sweets that you used to find in the old sweet shops of years gone by.  So take a look at Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and find your favourites today and receive free UK delivery.

19 Shopping days left until Christmas

There are only 19 shopping days left until Christmas believe it or not – hasnt it come around quick again?  Have you got all of your Christmas shopping done yet or have you been trawling around the shops searching for different gift ideas and all to no avail?  Well maybe this year you should try something different.  Why not visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and take a look at our large selection of retro sweets and gifts that we have to offer.  There are old fashioned sweets that you would remember from your school days and that all of your friends and relatives would remember.  So order some today and receive free UK delivery.

Sending sweets abroad

It doesnt cost as much as you think to send sweets abroad.  To send your loved ones some old fashioned sweets from there childhood that they will remember.  The ones that will bring back memories from their school days, old fashioned sweets can be sent abroad nowadays for a very reasonable price and now is a perfect time to send some to your friends or relatives who live abroad.  Sweet Heaven have a large selection of old fashioned sweets and gifts to choose from and we specialise in provding quality confectionary at competitive prices and excellent service so take a look today at our online sweet shop and see how reasonable it is to send sweets abroad.

26 Christmas shopping days left

Can you believe it that there are only 26 shopping days left until Christmas are you struggling for ideas for what to get your friends and family this year?  Have you been searching around the high street shops, standing in the long queues all to no avail.  Well this year why not get them something different that they will remember and can talk about for a long time to come.  You can get them some old fashioned sweets and have them made into a gift and sent direct to their doors.  Sweet Heaven specialises in old fashioned sweets and gifts and have a large selection to choose from.  Take a look at our online sweet shop and receive free UK delivery.


There are many different types of varieties and different kinds of sweets that you can buy.  There are old fashioned retro, traditional, old school and most of these sayings mean the same thing – it is sweets that were main years ago.  You can find these sweets in retro sweet shops and mainly online these days as most of these sweet shops have long since closed down.  Old fashioned sweets are popular with people from lots of different eras as they bring back lots of memories and people usually have a story to tell about them.  So if you fancy reliving some childhood memories visit our online sweet shop and see our large selection of online sweets and gifts and receive free UK delivery.

Old school sweets hampers

Old school sweets hampers can be filled with an array of various old fashioned sweets and can also range from a small hamper through to a large wicker hamper and can make an ideal Christmas present.  Old school sweets is a modern saying for old fashioned sweets because the people who think about them have remembered them from their old school days.  This Christmas why not buy your friends and family an old school sweets hamper filled to the brim with old  fashioned candies and give the receipiant something to remember and something to talk about from years gone by.  Take a look at our online sweet shop today and receive free UK delivery.

sweets hamper

There are many different types of hampers for all occassions such as Christmas, Thank you’s, birthdays and corporate gifts the list goes on.  A retro sweets hamper can prove to be very popular, these can come in many varieties from a small gift box through to a large original wicker hamper.  Retro sweets prove to be very popular with many generations they conjure up different stories and memories that are associated with each of the old fashioned sweets inside such as sherbert dip dabs, rhubarb and custard boiled sweets, fruit salads and black jacks, fiz whizz which used to be known as space dust whichever hamper you decide to choose it will be perfect for any occassion especially Christmas and can be delivered free of charge anywhere in the UK.

Gifts for her

Finding the perfect gift for a girl can be hard to say the least,what do you buy her for a birthday,christmas,mothers day,easter,valentines day or even a special surprise,well why not try some retro sweets they make a perfect gift on any occasion.

She will remember most of the old fashioned sweets from her childhood and they will bring back so many memories she is sure to love them,these gifts can be made into git bags,boxes,hampers and can have a personal message put on them,so dont get stuck for ideas any more for gifts for her,visit sweet heavens online sweet shop and choose one of our retro sweet gifts today and you will receive free uk delivery.

Christmas sweets and gifts

Are you looking for some different Christmas sweets and gifts this year?  Can you find anything unique to buy or have you been searching and not found anything yet?  Well for some unique Christmas sweets and gifts you should try Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop. We have a large variety of different old fashioned sweets and gifts to choose from and we are offer free UK delivery with them all.  We have got sweets from all different decades so if you were a child of the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s or 90′s then we have something for you so take a look today and make this Christmas a special one.

Christmas sweet gifts

Christmas sweet gifts always go down very well and come in lots of different shapes and sizes.  They can be made up of chocolate, old fashioned sweets, hampers, gift bags and boxes.  Christmas sweet gifts can be sent direct to the receipients door with out you leaving your home if you find the right online sweet shop.  Sweet Heaven specialise in sweet gifts for all occassions.  It is simple to use our website and easy to navigate, all you have to do is choose which gift you would like to send, tell us if you would like a personalised message and then simply pay at our checkout and then leave the rest to us and yo will also receive free delivery within the UK.

Christmas stocking fillers

Are you struggling to find Christmas stocking fillers this year?  Have you been searching and trawling around the shops for something a little different this year and cant decide what to buy for Christmas stocking fillers?  Christmas is a magical time of year, but it can get very stressful when you have so many people to buy for like all of your friends and family members.  Dont let this Christmas stress you out, there are plenty of gift ideas to choose from and you can buy old fashioned sweets to put in your stockings and there are many varieties to choose from.  Take a look at Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and choose from some of our favourite old fashioned sweets stocking fillers and receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

1990′s sweets

Sweets of the 1990′s are different to what they were a few decades ago, most of the sweets around in the 1990′s nowadays are retro sweets.  The ones that were around when we were young and used to have in our school days.  You would find things like sherbert dip dabs, mojo’s, fruit salads, candy necklaces, flying saucers, space dust now known as fiz whizz.  When I was at school there was a tuck shop and we used to queue up every day with a list of our favourite old fashioned sweets ready to try and order as many of our favourites as possible with the 20p we used to have in our pockets and that was on a good day.   If you would like to relive some of those memories too then take a look at Sweet Heavens online sweet shop and receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Cheap old school sweets

If you are looking for cheap old school sweets but do not wish to comprise on quality, then there is only one place to look and that is Sweet Heaven’s online retro sweet shop.  As we have researched and searched the length and breadth of the country to source the best old school sweets for our customers at the lowest possible prices.  Old school sweets get their name from old fashioned sweets that we remember from our old school days.  So whichever brand or make of old fashioned sweets that you used to know and enjoy then take a look at our online sweet shop and take advantage of our low prices and free delivery within the UK.

My favourite sweet shop

My favourite sweet shop used to be the one that was on my way to school when I was young.  The trouble nowadays is that you do not see these sorts of sweet shops around on the corners of roads anymore, the corner sweet shop has sadly disappeared.  It used to be my favourite place every morning I would go to my favourite sweet shop and spend the few pence I was given to take to school on all of my favourite old fashioned sweets.  Who was to know that many years later that sweet shop that I used to know and love and use so frequently would become the focus for me to set up my own online retro sweet shop today, which is known as Sweet Heaven.  So come in and take a look inside at all the confectionary that we have to offer as it has taken a lifetime of love and memories to bring together.

Sweets of the 60's

The sweets we buy today have changed quite a lot to the way they used to be back in the 60′s,today they all taste the same with no special meaning to them,but believe it or not the old fashioned sweets of the 60′s are still being made today,made the traditioial way with the same methods,you just have to know where to find them, here at sweet heaven we have searched high and low to find the right old fashioned sweets just the way they used to be because we know how important it is that we do not settle for second best and buy sweets that are just made to look and taste the same but are not,so if you want some authentic sweets of the 60′s then take a look in our online sweet shop at our large selection and recieve free delivery.

Retro sweets

What is it about retro sweets that captures everyones imagination?  Is it the nostalgia attached to them, the memories or just the taste when you are actually eating the sweets?  What is your memories of retro sweets is it from your school days queuing up at the tuck shop to buy your favourites or is it your journey to school when you  stopped at the old fashioned sweet shop on your way to school. 

Whatever it is everyone seems to be talking about retro sweets you do not seem to be able to find many old fashioned sweet shops anymore so why not relive seem of these memories with Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and get free delivery today.

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Classic sweet shop

Every now and again you see the classic sweet shop sometimes and it warms the heart to see them when you do, no matter what age you are whether old, middle aged, a teenager or a toddler we all like our sweets.  The classic sweet shop displays all of those old fashioned sweets that we all now and love so lovely it takes you back to times gone by.  But all is not lost, if you cant find the classic sweet shop close to you, you can find sweet shops online.  Here at Sweet Heaven we have hundreds of products – probably more varieties of traditional sweets than a classic sweet shop could stock.  Not only that we will deliver direct to your door anywhere in the UK for free!

Favourite Old Sweets

Whats your favourite old sweets,there are so many different varieties to choose from and also different eras such as 50′s,60′s,70′s,and 80′s sweets.The memories that are also associated with them are so vivid and people get so nostalgic when talking about their favourites.

I remember old fashioned sweets like rosie apples and rhubarb and custards,also sherbet fountains which was a liquorice stick in some very tangy sherbet,they was and still are great even thouth the packaging has changed from a totally paper packet to having a plastic end.

Some people would say they dont make them how they used to,but they do take a look in our online sweet shop today and get free delivery.