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Perfect confectionery

Sweet Heaven prides itself on its perfect confectionery and is always searching for new and exciting products for its customers.  Our products have been sourced far and wide and have been produced to the highest standards so that we can bring to you our perfect confectionery time and time again and this is why customers return time and time again to Sweet Heaven for their sweet fix!  Please take sometime to revisit our sweet shop on a regular basis and check out our ever expanding list of quality old fashioned sweets and gifts.  Also don’t forget that you will receive free UK delivery and delivery abroad is also at very reasonable prices.

New Years Eve party sweets

Have you got your New Years Eve party planned yet, have you got all of the food and drink that you need to keep all of your guests happy all evening?  You should try and get some part sweets which would be of the old fashioned variety which everyone would love and remember from years gone by and would make a great talking point and would get the party off with a bang.  This year get your New Years Eve party sweets from Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and you can also check out our large selection of gift ideas that you may want to give as a New Year gift to your friends and relatives.  You can also receive free delivery on any old fashioned sweets and gifts.