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1950's sweets

If you have any family or friends born in the 1950′s and you are unsure as to what to buy them for any occassions such as birthdays, Christmas etc why not look at buying them a gift of traditional sweets from the era in which they were born!  Here at Sweet Heaven we have gifts to cover each era right from the 1940′s through to the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s.  Wait til you see your loved ones face or friends face as their faces light up in delight, not only will it keep them busy munching on the sweets they will also while a way time reminicing over days gone by.  The other beauty of ordering your sweets online from Sweet Heaven, we will deliver them free to anywhere in the UK.

Sweets delight

If you were to receive a parcel of sweets in the post it would be such a delight and you could even say it was sweets delight.  The moment the parcel arrives and you know that there is a special something inside you get butterflies in your stomach, the thought of the contents that you are about to receive and who the gift has come from that you just cannot wait to open it and when you finally do you find it is some of your favourite retro sweets from days gone by.  So what a great idea if you have any special occassions ie., birthdays, Christmas or just to say thank you then visit Sweet Heavens online sweet shop for your sweets delight.

Old school sweet hampers

Old school sweet hampers are a great idea for so many reasons and so many different occassions.  They are a great idea for corporate gifts, birthdays, Christmas or even just a simple thank you to someone, whatever the occassion they are guaranteed to bring a smile to the receipients face!   They will sit and remince with their friends and colleagues over times gone by and marvel at all the different memories that the sweet hamper will conjure up for them and their friends, it will probably end up being the focus of their day, whether they were borne in the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s , 80′s, 90′s one hamper suits all!  Especially the free delivery that Sweet Heaven gives on all orders within the UK,

Party bags

Whenever you have a childrens party, party bags are always a must whether you decide to go the little dinky toys route or the sweets route.  Here at Sweet Heaven we do plenty of party bags for many different occassions all of which are popular.  You get to bespoke these bags to your own choice or you can allow Sweet Heaven to put a truly exciting bag together on your behalf, just give us your theme and if you have any favourite sweets or colours etc that you want to incorporate.  Remember Sweet Heaven do party bags or gifts to suit any party or occassion whether it be for childrens parties, halloween, birthday parties, corporate events and the list goes on.  All of which will be delivered direct to your door anywhere in the UK free.

Sweets Delivered To Your Door

Well I thought I had heard it all before, until my husband said he was going to start an online sweetshop with sweets delivered to your door! I was amazed to see how many people actually did order sweets to be delivered and for all sorts of different occassions, it made my realise I really do need to get with the noughties or whatever we have decided to call the era of 2000!