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Valentine gift ideas

Are you already thinking of Valentine gift ideas for your loved ones?  Trying to think of something different, but thoughtful, what about a gift of retro sweets, full of colour, flavours and smells and guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.   It doesnt have to be a retro gift box, maybe a wicker hamper, or bespoke your a gift box full of your loved ones favourite old fashioned sweets, or maybe give them a selection of sweets from their era such as sweets from the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s or the noughties!  Whatever gift you choose be it mixed full of retro sweets, or full of red or pink sweets filled with sweets shaped of hearts, here at Sweet Heaven we have something for everyone and every budget, added into that Sweet Heaven online will deliver direct to the delivery address anywhere in the UK free of charge, what a way for your valentine gift idea to be received.

Types of sweets

There are so many different types of sweets to choose from these days that its hard to know where to start with all your good old favourites to choose from, let alone trying anything new!  With traditional sweets dating back over all the different eras 30′s, 40′s 50′s 60′s, 70′s 80′s, 90′s and now the noughties.  These old fashioned sweets or what some call retro sweets never loose their appeal across the generations, sweets transcend generations.  Everyone has a sweet tooth for some form of a sweet even if its just the occassional mint – do you know of one single person who never eats sweets?  There is something to tickle everyones taste buds.  Check out the Sweet Heaven website to see hundreds of different types of sweets to see what I mean!

60's sweets

The 60′s are synonomous with so many things good and exciting things – most of which were associated with Britain – the swinging sixties being the most evident in the UK with us leading the way with fashion, music, and the lifting of many tabboos that still existed from Victorian times.  Life was moving at a fast pace that touched most peoples lives, by the end of the decade most homes would have electricity for the first time and TV’s, man walked and the moon and the earliest concept of a “supermarket” hit the streets which changed peoples shopping all of these things are still with us know. Lucikily the one thing that did survive future decades was the corner shop and old fashioned traditional sweet shop”  Thank Goodness.  Life without the traditional sweet shop would have been unimaginable!   How many childrens books feaure the litle sweet shop in them, they are as much a part of British life as what the British pub is!  With the advent of the web sweets have become just as popular online.  Sweet Heaven started its life as a traditional sweet shop and then quickly expanded into selling sweets online with demand in British old fashioned sweets being increadibly high and continues to grow each day.  the popularity of 60′s sweets sweets is repeated for each era 50′s, 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s alike are all popular with our customers, it will be interesting to see what sweets will make the era of the noughties!  Maybe Sweet Heaven’s new Customer Forum where our customers can leave feedback so ou forum will also help us see what the favourite sweets of the noughties may start to look like.  My guess that many of the favourites that we have seen every decade will still feature such as refreshers, drumsticks,  fruit salads, white mice, flying saucers and the list goes on.  If you want to have your say on what you think will be the sweets that will define or be remembered in the noughties decade log onto Sweet Heavens Forum where we would love to hear from you.

Traditional Online Retro Sweets

The best thing about retro sweets nowadays is that you can order them wherever you are online. These sweets can be delivered the next day to your door by these traditional online suppliers. Old fashioned sweets have a big place in our hearts and minds with every generation being able to depict their era by what sweets were popular at that time be it sweets from the 50′s, 60′s, 70′s or 80′s and even in the noughties children will have their own era! Sweets are not only something you can indulge in yourself when you have cravings but you can also put a smile on someones face for any occassion. For the best traditional online retro sweets visit sweet heaven’s online shop and get free delivery within the UK.

Sweets Delivered To Your Door

Well I thought I had heard it all before, until my husband said he was going to start an online sweetshop with sweets delivered to your door! I was amazed to see how many people actually did order sweets to be delivered and for all sorts of different occassions, it made my realise I really do need to get with the noughties or whatever we have decided to call the era of 2000!