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Old fashioned sweet gifts

This Christmas are you looking for some different presents to buy for your friends and relatives?  Are you struggling for ideas, have you ever considered getting some old fashioned sweet gifts?  These would consist of retro sweets made into different gift ideas and they could be put into bags or boxes or hampers

Old fashioned sweet gifts make the perfect Christmas present and the people who would receive them would really appreciate a gift of old fashioned sweets the ones they would remember from their childhood.  They would be filled with nostalgia and memories so visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop today and see our large selection of old fashioned sweet gifts and receive free delivery within the UK.

Sweets of the 80's

Sweets of the 80′s are in high demand today and they can still be found if you locate the right online sweet sweet shop,as most of the sweet shops around housing estates and on high streets have sadly dissappeared.

The 1980′s saw lots of old favourites such as whispa bars, foam mushrooms, wham bars, love hearts and many more,people get so nostalgic when they think back to there childhood and like to have something to remember and talk about and one thing that always springs to mind is old fashioned sweets.

Sweet heaven have put together a special collection 80′s sweets and called it an 80′s nostalgia box,take a look today and treat a friend or yourself to a piece of history.

Sweets of the 70's

What was your favourite sweets of the 70′s?  Do you remember them like it was yesterday because these old fashioned sweets have a tendency of sticking in your mind and we associate lots of different stories and tastes with all of these old fashioned sweets that we used to eat.  Today most of these 70′s retro sweets can be found at an online sweet shop.  Sweet Heaven specialise in nostalgic sweets we have searched high and low to find all of these retro sweets from days gone by.  So whether it was fruit salads, black jacks, refreshers, drumstick lollies, space dust aka popping candy.  Visit Sweet Heaven’s online shop today and receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Sweets of the 50's

Are sweets from the 50′s any different to the sweets of todays generation.  The good old traditional sweets from each generation seem to stand the test of time.  Sweets from the 50′s used to be made with the same ingredients as they are today and in the same traditional ways.  Here at Sweet Heaven we have found some traditional sweet makers who still produce the old fashioned sweets in the same way that they were made in the fifties.  So even if we bring you new flavours today they are still made the same way.  If you are looking for inspiration on what to buy any family or friends that were born around the 50′s why not check out our website for a box of 50′s nostalgia and receive free delivery within the UK.

Sweets of the 40's

Its hard to believe that the sweets that you used to have in the 40′s are still around today.  Have you ever tried to find them and are you still enjoying them?  What sweets did you used to have in the 40′s, would it have been aniseed balls, sherbert fountains, almond nougat, or catherine wheels, what was your favourite?  Here at Sweet Heaven we have spent a long time searching for the sweets of the 40′s and found through extensive research what people were eating then and what they are eating now.  So why not take a look at our website and take a look at our large selection of old fashioned sweets and we even do a 40′s nostalgia box that you could send as a gift to a friend.

80's Sweets

Are you an 80′s kid? Do you remember all your favourite sweets from your childhood? Well we have them all right here in our online sweet shop! We have now introduced a new gift aswell – a ‘Born in the 80′s’ Nostalgia Gift box! An ideal gift for a friend or loved one or just a delicious treat for yourself!

70's Sweets

Are you a 70′s kid? Then we have something just for you! We have recently introduced to our site a ‘Born in the 70s’ Nostalgia gift box. Now you can enjoy all your favourite childhood sweets! An ideal gift or simply treat yourself!