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Christmas Sweets Gifts and Presents

This Christmas why not do something a little special and treat all of your friends and loved ones to some delicious retro sweets, chocolate and candy presents! Here at Sweet Heaven, we stock so many sweets of all kinds! Old fashioned, traditional and retro sweets from years back and even new ones that you havent tried, so your bound to find something for everyone! Plus our Christmas section on our website has all of our sweet and chocolate gifts to make your Christmas shopping easier! We have gift boxes and hampers, gift jars, gift bags, sweet gift cubes and then stocking fillers if you just wanted something small! Plus with all orders we offer FREE standard delivery and Next Day Delivery for only £2.99!www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

New Halloween Candy Sweets

Prepare for Halloween early this year by ordering all of your scary, gruesome but delicious sweets candy and treats from Sweet Heaven! We have just got in some new stock which will be on the website tomorrow including tasty halloween themed lollies – Pumpkins, Zombies Witches and even more! Plus we have Chocolate Scary Fingers, Mini Chocolate Pumpkins and all of our jelly sweets including bats, rats, skeletons, bones, teeth, skulls, scorpions, spiders and even more! If your having a halloween party they will be great to treat your guests to and perfect to hand out to that never ending line of trick or treaters!!

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New Sweet Retro Gifts

Here at Sweet Heaven we’ve bought you some brand new delicious retro gifts!! We have a new Girly Mix Sweet Cube for all the girls with sweet tooths out there, as well as a Boys Mix Sweet Cube for the lads! Plus we have a new Chocolate Lovers Box and an Ultimate Chocolate Lovers box for the chocaholics! Plus we have a few more gift bags such as Mixed Chocolate Raisins and Chocolate Peanuts and Blue Bombs! All of our gifts can be personalised with a message of your choice and its free standard delivery on all orders in the UK! Get ordering on www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

New Retro Sweets and Gifts

Here at Sweet Heaven we have a whole load of new delicious retro sweet gifts that a suitable for ANY occasion whether its christmas, a birthday, a thank you, or simply just as a treat. We have our Chocolate Lovers Box and our Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Box for the chocaholics out there! We also have our Nostalgia Boxes such as born in the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s and 80′s. Treat your friends or loved ones to a delicious retro sweet gift. You can even personalise the gift with a message of your choice – plus its FREE P+P. www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

New Old Fashioned Sweets and Toffee

If your a fan of toffee then you’ll be happy to know we’ve got a whole load of new flavours in… Including Nutty Brazil,Black Liquorice, Real Treacle,Creamy original and Banana Split Toffee Eclaires! You get 3 bars of theses delicious blocks of creamy and smooth tofffee made by Walkers and at great prices! Plus, Sweet Heaven do free standard delivery on all orders in the UK. Why not treat yourself to some delicious Toffee or treat a friend or loved one if they are a toffee lover also! These will last you ages and will bring back memories from old fashioned sweets and sweet shops!!

New Retro Sweets and Candy

Im sure all of you have your favourite retro sweets and candy that you love to enjoy, well here at Sweet Heaven we’ve just had in a load of new stock, including some BRAND new delicious retro sweets and candy that you can try! We have Apple and Custard, a delicious hard boiled sweet that hasn’t been around for years.. We have new Soft Caramel Nougat, chunks of soft nougat with layers of caramel in, we have Edible Rice Paper Money if your looking for cake decorations or party bag fillers – or just a joke present! And we also have brand new Cola MEGA lollies – order some of these and give them a try!! Free standard delivery in the UK.