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Old Fashioned Fruity Lemon Bonbons Sweets

Old fashioned, traditional and retro sweets have been around for decades, and one dominant sweet that has been favoured and adored since the 1960s are the Bonbons! They come in various flavours such as strawberry, toffee, lemon, apple, sour raspberry and mixed fruit and they have never been more delicious! For those of you who have never tried a Bonbon before, they are small balls that seem to appear hard boiled but are chewy when you bite into them. Our traditional Lemon bonbons are bright yellow and are coated in a delicous sugar powder which melts on your tongue. Bonbons are a great gift for any occasion as everybody loves sweets! Order 200g today from www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

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Sweets of the noughties

What sweets do you think will define the noughties ?  Will it be things such as toxic waste which is a very sour candy that children  love or will it be mega sour boiled sweets with flavours such as apple, lemon, cherry which they also seem to love.  To me I think the noughties sweets are better known as what old fashioned sweets people are remembering from years gone by such as 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s 90′s, there is nothing really that would stand out and be remembered as the real classic sweets of the past, though we still have many years to go for this to be put to the test.  If you know of any classic sweets from the noughties that should go down in history please contact Sweet Heaven.