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Jelly sweets

Jelly sweets come in many shapes and sizes and you can have them at anytime of the year simply just for a treat or for occasions such as Halloween when you can get jelly spiders, giant spiders, giant snakes, fizzy worms, skeletons and red eye skulls.   You can also have jelly sweets as children absolutely love them and it is not bad for them if eaten in moderation.  You can also get sugar free jelly sweets for those of you who want to be really good or who are diabetic and like sweets, but do not want the sugar in them.  Check out our good selection today and receive free UK delivery.

Easter Sweets

What are your plans for this Easter?  Will it be the usual chocolate eggs or have you got some other things in mind like some Easter sweets from days gone by that would be known as retro sweets.  These would make a refreshing change and would go down very well rather than the usual Easter eggs that you can buy in any local supermarket.  Retro sweets are hard to find and people will remember them from their childhood and will really appreciate receiving something different this Easter.  Take a look at our large selection of traditional Easter sweets that we have on offer.  We have the usual chocolate foil eggs that can be used for a number of different fun games, such as Easter egg hunt where you can hide foil eggs around the home and garden for children to find and enjoy.  Then we have a large selection of retro sweets to choose from such as fruit salads, chews, black jacks, refreshers, boiled sweets, jelly sweets, liquorice sweets and retro chocolate bars.  Sweet Heaven offer free delivery on all items so that you can purchase a small or a large order without the worry of a big delivery charge and you can also treat friends or family to an Easter present this year.

Haribo Friendship Rings Jelly Sweets

Haribo are one of the best and well known manufacturers of sweets of the past several decades, and sweet lovers of all ages love to enjoy these delicious chewy, jelly and fizzy sweets.There are other makes of jelly sweets but in taste comparison tests they do not seem to compare and have been tested by many people from many different age groups.

Sweet heaven stock haribo friendship rings and sell a large number of them to people for many different occasions that include children who like to wear them as rings and then eat them through to adults who simply love their texture and taste so if you fancy some visit our online sweet shop and purchase some today and receive free uk delivery.

jelly sweets

everybody loves jelly sweets and this section of our website is sweet heaven for all the kids out there, we have lots of different kinds of jellies including haribo sweets, we also have a section of scary sweets that are jelly sweets