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Jelly sweets

Jelly sweets come in many shapes and sizes and you can have them at anytime of the year simply just for a treat or for occasions such as Halloween when you can get jelly spiders, giant spiders, giant snakes, fizzy worms, skeletons and red eye skulls.   You can also have jelly sweets as children absolutely love them and it is not bad for them if eaten in moderation.  You can also get sugar free jelly sweets for those of you who want to be really good or who are diabetic and like sweets, but do not want the sugar in them.  Check out our good selection today and receive free UK delivery.

Halloween Gifts

Halloween has become another occassion in the calender year that while it is to be celebrated with trick or treats, it has also become a time of buying gifts for others.   Most of these gifts are for Halloween parties both adult parties, childrens parties or a combination of both.  The main theme to any Halloween Gifts is to be as ghoulish as possible with  your ideas, that are mainly centred around sweets or chocolate, for lots of ideas for your Halloween Gifts check out the Sweet Heaven website where we have lots of ghoulish sweets and gift ideas, each year our stock of giant jelly flys, snakes, scorpions, marshmallow witch lollipops, jelly spiders, skulls sells faster and faster so be prepared for Halloween this year and make sure you order in plenty of time and remember its free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Halloween fun

Halloween is so much fun, it is  nearlly upon us again,i like all of the four seasons but theres something special about this time of year summer has not long passed which is always very enjoyable and you have just been ejoying autumn and then by halloween it turns cold,nice and crisp.

Theres a buzz on the street and everyone is dressing up and getting ready for parties,people are out trick or treating and collecting all there treats from the doorsteps,this year why not take a look at sweet heavens online shop theres plenty to choose,from jelly spiders,candy skulls,witch marshmallow pops and much more,you can also get retro sweets free delivery within the uk.