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Old Fashioned Christmas Sweets & Gifts

If you are looking for something a little different this Christmas instead of the usual run of the mill stocking fillers then why not buy some old fashioned christmas sweets and sweet gifts for all of your friends and loved ones?  We have all of the traditional sweets that everyone will remember from when they were young from their old school days.  Old fashioned sweets such as sherbert fountains, wham bars, refreshers, fruit salads, black jacks, anglo bubblys, liquorice, boiled sweets and all of the old favourites that you used to have to ask for a quarter of, but that you can now get in 200g of in gift jars, bags, boxes, cubes and hampers!  This Christmas why not re-live some of those memories that you used to have from years gone by and treat yourself and friends to some old fashioned Christmas sweets. Order online at www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk and make the most of our FREE P+P offer.

Sweet Jars

Here at sweet heaven we have a large variety of sweet jars, both plastic, glass, large and small and all filled with all of your favourite RETRO and TRADITIONAL sweets and candy! The small glass jars can be filled with any sweet you desire and we have several large gift jars filled with retro sweets. We have our Jumbo Jelly Mix Glass Jar filled with all jelly sweets! We have a Sweet Heaven Chew Mix Jar which is a plastic jar filled with chewy sweets, our Retro Mix Sweet Heaven Jar which is simply a Retro Mix and many more! All our jars can be personalised with your own message and we offer FREE standard delivery!!

Old Fashioned Sweets In Jars

Looking to order some old fashioned sweets? why not order your old fashioned sweets in jars? The jars keep them fresher for longer and they look nicer, so if your sending someone a gift, why not choose a jar? You can even personalise it with your own message. Look on our website for sweet ideas!

Traditional Sweets In Jars

Everyone orders their traditional sweets in bags and boxes, why not order your in a beautiful glass jar? These are a great idea for a treat for yourself and also nice to send as a gift. All our glass jars have a ribbon tied around them in a bow and you can choose your own personalised message to go on the front.

Retro Sweet Jars

We have a variety of gifts but our sweet jars are very popular. We have our small gift jars which fit about 200g of your favourite sweets in them, finished off with a ribbon and a personalised message of your choice. We also have our large gift jars which are filled to the brim of jelly sweets or retro sweets, also with a ribbon and your own personalised message! Take a look on our site at our retro sweet jars and see for yourself!

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