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Old Fashioned Sweets Hamper

Have you ever received an old fashioned sweets hamper because if you havent you are really missing out on the treat that may arrive before your very eyes.  An old fashioned sweets hamper packed full of your favourite old school sweets is really a treat to be remembered, there would be things in their like black jack bars, fruit salad bars, sherbert fountains, fizz whizz – which you used to be known as space dust and which is popping candy which explodes in your mouth, oh what memories!  Then there would be things like your traditional boiled sweets, like rhubarb and custards, sherbert lemons, rosey apples, banana and custard, blackberry and apple and many more.  There would also be favourites like fudge, which simply melt in your mouth and chocolate favourites like frys peppermint creams, Cadbury wispa bars, fredo’s, walnut whips and curly wurlys.  You could just get lost in one of these hampers for weeks and the fun would be endless and the memories would last and last.  An old fashioned sweets hamper would be something that you could enjoy and use again in the future time and time again for picnics etc.  So why not treat your friends or a loved one to an old fashioned sweets hamper from Sweet Heaven and it may be one of the best gifts that you ever purchase and you will also receive free UK delivery.

Corporate Sweet Gift Hamper

Ultimate Wicker HamperThis is our Ultimate Retro Wicker Hamper. It is a best seller here at Sweet Heaven and is a gift which will appeal to anyone, any age as it has something for everyone! From old fashioned Flying Saucers, Anglo Bubblys and Popping Candy, to Cadburys Freddos, Fried Eggs and Nougat. If you’re looking for a gift or some form or refreshments if you’re hosting a corporate event or a meeting then this would be perfect as there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. Or if you were looking to send a gift to a valued customer, or as a thank you, get well or good luck gift, there is nothing more suitable than a beautifully crafted Wicker Hamper full to the brim with Old fashioned and Retro sweets which everybody enjoys! Plus, you can personalise any gift with a message, and you could even get it delivered the very next day with our Next Day Delivery offer! Treat your friends, employees, customers or associates with some of their favourite tasty treats from our Corporate Section and you’ll be in their good books for a long time! www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Retro Gifts for 2011

Retro Gifts have gone mad this year. Everyone is looking for new and unique gifts to suprise their friends and family with on birthdays, weddings, christmas and pretty much every occasion!  There is no better gift than a bag, box or jar of your favourite retro sweets, thats why here at Sweet Heaven we have an ever expanding secti0n of traditional and retro gifts which are suitable for any occasion, for example this Mega Mix Sweet Jar is filled with enough retro sweets to last weeks! We even have Sugar Free sweets! Also you can get your sweets in a jar, a gift bag, a cube, a box or even a wicker hamper, and every gift can be personalised to make it that extra bit special. Plus, we can send the gift to anywhere around the world, so if you want to surprise someone who lives far away from you, order from us and we’ll do all the work. You can even order a cheeky treat for yourself as a reward for your kind gesture.  Visit www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk and take advantage of our FREE P+P on all orders!!


Old Fashioned Christmas Sweets

Sweet are loved by everyone and the old fashioned sweets bring back memories for so many people from the good old school days when you used to have to ask for a quarter of in your local sweet shop! Now though, here at Sweet Heaven we sell 200g of your favourite sweets, or even an entire box, bag, jar, cube or wicker hamper! So if you’re stuck on ideas this Christmas for gifts or presents then why not order a traditional, retro sweet gift from Sweet Heaven? All of our gifts can be personalised with a message to make them extra special and we offer FREE delivery on all orders in the UK! We also deliver abroad for a good price. Order today at www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Traditional Christmas Sweets free delivery

There are any different types of traditional Christmas sweets to choose from so you need to make sure that you choose the original traditional Christmas retro sweets that have been made using all of the old fashioned methods so that you get genuine traditional Christmas sweets.

At this time of year you could have them made into a special gift or even put into a hamper and delivered direct to a friends or family members door and receive free delivery, these gifts will go down well and be remembered for a long time as people can relate to them and talk about the memories that they would bring back, take a look at our online sweet shop and receive free UK delivery.

Retro Sweet Christmas Hamper

This  Christmas why not treat your friends or family to something a little different..? At Sweet Heaven you can order an amazing, unique Retro Sweet Wicker Hamper filled to the brim with everyones favourite retro sweets from the past several years! This retro Wicker Hamper is a perfect gift at xmas as everyone loves a treat of their favourite sweets, chocolate and candy at christmas, and it can be enjoyed by the whole family and will be a treat they will never forget! If you dont buy it as a gift, why not just buy it as a treat so that everyone can enjoy some traditional sweets and chocolate at Christmas. www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Old Fashioned Sweets Hamper

If your looking for a sweet hamper then we have several! We have our old fashioned sweets hamper, our retro sweets hamper and our chocolate hamper! Our old fashioned sweets hamper is filled with all your old fashioned favourites! Hard boiled, chewy, sherbet, sour, fudge/toffee, jelly sweets and chocolate! What more could you ask for?

Retro Sweet Hamper

We have a variety of sweet hampers, but our retro sweet hamper is full of delicious retro sweets such as bonbons, fudge, jelly beans, cola bottles, sherbets, hard boiled sweets and chocolate! Have a look on our site at our retro sweet hamper!