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Halloween Treats

This year make sure that you have plenty of halloween treats ready for when the trick or  you get the treaters come knocking,every year somehow you manage to forget,and if you get the trick it ould be an egg on your window.

What normally does the trick is a large bag of scary retro sweets,you can get all sorts of ghoulish treats to share out amongst the trick or treaters,they like them so much that they normally come back for seconds thinking that we dont notice who it is under their masks,its all good fun,why not order your sweets online and get free delivery from sweet heaven.


Halloween used to be an American celebration, but over the years the people of Great Britain have embraced Halloween whether it be for children playing trick or treat, or grown-ups celebrating with Halloween themed parties.  What you need for all of these is sweets!  And good old fashioned retro sweets fit the occassion perfectly.  These are great to give out as treats, to decorate tables with or pass them out to guests at Halloween themed venues/parties.  Login to wwwsweetheaven-online.co.uk where you can obtain all of these delights and more.   Sweet Heaven do some great ghoulish twists on sweets from worms to giant spiders/flys/scorpions/skulls there is an enormous selection to impress your guests or most importantly shock the children with!  Buy something different for people than the usual “tub” of sweets you get from the giant supermarkets that everyone buys, Sweet Heaven can make bespoke party gifts for any occassion!