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Valentine’s sweets

Have you thought what you are getting this year for a Valentine’s present for a loved one.  The perfect gift would be some Valentine’s sweets as they would remember them from their school days and would make a great talking point as everyone loves retro sweets.  Take a look at Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop’s large selection of retro Valentine sweets you could have gift bags, boxes, hampers and they could be filled with a large variety of retro sweets and you could also have a personal message put on your gift and sent direct to the receipiants door and if they live in the UK this would be free delivery. 


Valentine gift ideas

Are you already thinking of Valentine gift ideas for your loved ones?  Trying to think of something different, but thoughtful, what about a gift of retro sweets, full of colour, flavours and smells and guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.   It doesnt have to be a retro gift box, maybe a wicker hamper, or bespoke your a gift box full of your loved ones favourite old fashioned sweets, or maybe give them a selection of sweets from their era such as sweets from the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s or the noughties!  Whatever gift you choose be it mixed full of retro sweets, or full of red or pink sweets filled with sweets shaped of hearts, here at Sweet Heaven we have something for everyone and every budget, added into that Sweet Heaven online will deliver direct to the delivery address anywhere in the UK free of charge, what a way for your valentine gift idea to be received.

Christmas retro sweets free delivery

The best way to receive your christmas retro sweets is by free delivery courtesey of Sweet Heaven.  Why not check out Sweet Heaven’s website to see the largest selection of retro sweets in the UK by any online sweet shop.  If you are struggling what to buy family and friends this Christmas why not a Christmas Hamper, or a Christmas retro box filling?  These are filled with all the old favourites that everyone remembers from their childhoods.  Why not put a smile on families faces by choosing sweets from the era your parents were born in ie sweets from the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s 70′s, 80′s, 90′s all guaranteed to put a smile on anyone faces and it doesnt cost a fortune.  So receive free delivery today for your Christmas retro sweets order and buy something different this year.

Original Christmas Sweets & gifts

Are you struggling to buy original Christmas Sweets and gifts this year to buy your family and friends, have you been looking around the shops at all the diferent products on offer or have you been looking online at the many different outlets this year why not buy some really original christmas sweets and gifts from Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop.  Christmas is one of our specialities and we offer lots of exciting and different Christmas gift ideas for you and your family to enjoy over the festive season.  Which range from gift bags full of retro sweets to large wicker hampers which can be delivered direct to your door with free delivery.

Haribo Friendship Rings Jelly Sweets

Haribo are one of the best and well known manufacturers of sweets of the past several decades, and sweet lovers of all ages love to enjoy these delicious chewy, jelly and fizzy sweets.There are other makes of jelly sweets but in taste comparison tests they do not seem to compare and have been tested by many people from many different age groups.

Sweet heaven stock haribo friendship rings and sell a large number of them to people for many different occasions that include children who like to wear them as rings and then eat them through to adults who simply love their texture and taste so if you fancy some visit our online sweet shop and purchase some today and receive free uk delivery.

Old fashioned sweet gifts

This Christmas are you looking for some different presents to buy for your friends and relatives?  Are you struggling for ideas, have you ever considered getting some old fashioned sweet gifts?  These would consist of retro sweets made into different gift ideas and they could be put into bags or boxes or hampers

Old fashioned sweet gifts make the perfect Christmas present and the people who would receive them would really appreciate a gift of old fashioned sweets the ones they would remember from their childhood.  They would be filled with nostalgia and memories so visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop today and see our large selection of old fashioned sweet gifts and receive free delivery within the UK.

Retro chocolate bars

Where do you find retro chocolate bars nowadays, do you know of any local shops that sell them, or do you have to look online and try to find online sweet shops that would offer these products.  Sweet Heaven stocks retro chocolate bars.  We have cadburys freddo’s, curly wurlys, wispas, frys peppermint cremes , old Jamaica, walnut whip.  If there are any other retro chocolate bars that you have been looking for and cannot find then get in contact with us and we will track it down if possible and purchase them ready to supply to you and we also offer free delivery on all of our products within the UK.   

Sweets free delivery

Do you know of an online sweet shop where you genuinely receive free delivery, where there are no catches on the value or type of your order.  Most websites will say you get free delivery when you spend over a certain amount or if you order a certain type.  Sweet Heaven offer sweets free delivery no matter how big or small your order is you can have anything from 200 grammes through to as much as you would like to order.  We have a large selection of wedding sweets and favours to choose from.  We also have a large selection of retro sweet gifts which would be perfecgt for any occassion, take a look today and receive free delivery within the UK.

Traditional sweet shops

Traditional sweet shops are very scarce nowadays on your local high street, you would be very hard pushed to find an old fashioned sweet shop that sells traditional sweets.  Most of them have long since disappeared and what you will have to do nowadays is to go online and search the worldwide web to find one of these traditional sweet shops that is still trading, but now works online.  With the fast pace of todays life, people are so busy and it is very convenient to search online to find what you want to place an order and then within a few days your goods arrive.  Sweet Heaven has gone a step further in making your shopping experience hassle free by making everything on our website free delivery within the UK.

1960's sweets

Are you a child of the 1960′s if so what are your memories of this?  One thing that would really stand out in your mind would be old fashioned sweets.  Do you remember these from your school days, do you remember go to your local sweet shop on the way to school.  1960′s sweets are not so easy to come by these days, but here at Sweet Heaven we have sourced all of your old favourite sweets from 1960′s along with many other eras so take a look at our online sweetshop and see if you remember any of the ones that we have in stock and if so why not treat yourself or a friend to one of our old school favourites and receive free delivery.

1950's sweets

If you have any family or friends born in the 1950′s and you are unsure as to what to buy them for any occassions such as birthdays, Christmas etc why not look at buying them a gift of traditional sweets from the era in which they were born!  Here at Sweet Heaven we have gifts to cover each era right from the 1940′s through to the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s.  Wait til you see your loved ones face or friends face as their faces light up in delight, not only will it keep them busy munching on the sweets they will also while a way time reminicing over days gone by.  The other beauty of ordering your sweets online from Sweet Heaven, we will deliver them free to anywhere in the UK.

Christmas sweets

This Christmas are you stuck for ideas of what to get everyone?  Do you spend hours on end trawling around the shops looking at all of the overpriced gifts and presents that are on sale?  Thinking I just do not know what to buy everyone this Christmas, well why not this Christmas do something different and imaginative and buy some retro sweets and have them put into a gift and sent to all of your friends and relatives.  Retro sweets make the perfect gift as the receipient will remember them vividly and be so excited to receive all of their favourite sweets from times gone by.  Sweet Heaven will also deliver direct to your door for free anywhere in the UK which is just what you need around Christmas time is to keep your costs low.

Favourite retro sweets

What is your favourite retro sweets?  Do you have a favourite that you remember from yesteryear?  Was there a particular brand that you used to have and that you would remember today.  The old fashioned sweets that we used to know and love have long since disappeared from the sweet shops that you used to be on the corner of our roads that we used to frequent on our way to school, but since then the online retro sweetshop has taken its place and Sweet Heaven online has tracked down all of these retro sweets that you used to know and love.  So why not take a look on our website today and take a look at our large selection of sweets and gifts and receive free delivery within the UK.

Apple Custard Traditional Boiled Sweets

Here at Sweet Heaven we have discovered traditional Apple and Custard sweets an old favourite from years ago.   Yes we’re as excited as you are about them.  Made the old fashioned way by hand not mass produced like the sweets of these days.  I can’t think of a better combination of tastes put together in a tradition sweet.  The flavours really do compliment each other.   To get your hands on these fabulous tasting sweets why not visit Sweet Heaven online and don’t forget it’s free delivery with all orders.  You can also see ll the other fantastic sweets we have to offer in our online Retro Sweet Shop. Believe me you will not be disapointed.

Cheap old school sweets

If you are looking for cheap old school sweets but do not wish to comprise on quality, then there is only one place to look and that is Sweet Heaven’s online retro sweet shop.  As we have researched and searched the length and breadth of the country to source the best old school sweets for our customers at the lowest possible prices.  Old school sweets get their name from old fashioned sweets that we remember from our old school days.  So whichever brand or make of old fashioned sweets that you used to know and enjoy then take a look at our online sweet shop and take advantage of our low prices and free delivery within the UK.

Old school sweet hampers

Old school sweet hampers are a great idea for so many reasons and so many different occassions.  They are a great idea for corporate gifts, birthdays, Christmas or even just a simple thank you to someone, whatever the occassion they are guaranteed to bring a smile to the receipients face!   They will sit and remince with their friends and colleagues over times gone by and marvel at all the different memories that the sweet hamper will conjure up for them and their friends, it will probably end up being the focus of their day, whether they were borne in the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s , 80′s, 90′s one hamper suits all!  Especially the free delivery that Sweet Heaven gives on all orders within the UK,

Favourite classic sweets

Sweets from previous decades that we all remember could be referred to as classic sweets.  The ones that really stand the test of time are the ones that have been around since most of us have been born.  From aniseed balls through to winter mixtures the list is so long.  Classic sweets are everyones favourites whether it is your nan, auntie or mother everyone loves classic sweets.  Here at Sweet Heaven we stock every conceivable classic sweet, if you find one we dont do just let us know!  We have searched high and low to find these favaourites to bring these to you so why not take a look at our online sweetshop today and order yourself or a loved one some classic sweets and receive free delivery.

Favourite vintage sweets

What would your favourite vintage sweets be?  Do you have a favourite sweet that you used to have from your school days?  I do, I remember dip dab, lovely strawberry lollipops with a bag full of sherbert which seemed to last forever, followed by some flying saucers which would melt in our mouth which would be full of sherbert.  It was a taste sensation.  My trip to school was always filled with excitement because my favourite part of the trip would be a visit to the local sweet shop.  Nowadays all such sweet shops have pretty much disappeared, so if you are looking for some vintage sweets, checkout Sweet Heaven where you can receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Sweets of the 90's

Sweets were still very popular in the 90′s and lots of different brands and types were coming into the market and then going again as they did not catch on, one make which was such a big favourite was spangles made by mars which made a comeback in the 90′s due to popular demand which was originally launched in the 80′s.

Fruity polo mints was another one which was very popular,kids loved them a nice twist on the original polo mint with the hole in the middle.

Sweet heaven have put together a good selection of 90′s sweets in our nostalgia gift box that if you was born in that era im sure you would love so take a look in our online sweet shop and treat yourself or a friend and recieve free uk delivery.

Heart sweets

There are many different types of heart sweets to choose from, lots of different flavours and varieties.  You can get jelly heart throbs made by Haribo which are red and white, you can get heart shaped dragees which are perfect for wedding favours and are small heart shaped chocolates with a crisp shell.  These come in lots of different colours to suit the theme of your wedding.  You can also get chocolate shaped hearts which are also good for wedding favours and come in a variety of colours.  So if you want some heart sweets either to eat yourself, surprise a friend or loved one, or if you are getting married then take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection and take advantage of their free delivery serices in the UK.