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Retro sweet hamper

Have you ever received a retro sweet hamper full of goodies that would transport you back through to your childhood, there would be lots of old fashioned sweets inside such as black jacks, fruit salads, refreshers, acid drops toffee chewing nuts, Basseti hard liquorice sticks, catherine wheels, anglo bubblies, strawberry bon bons, foam bananas and many more.  To be given a retro sweet hamper is such a pleasure and they come in many sizes you can get small wicker hampers through to a mega ultimate wicker hamper which is full to the brim with old fashioned sweets from eras such as 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and 90′s.  Take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection of retro sweet hampers and either treat yourself or a friend or family member to one of these hampers and you will sure

My sweet valentine

Valentines day comes only once a year on February 14th.  It is a special day and more and more people are joining in each year to celebrate the occassion when we give gifts to our wives, husbands, partners and people that are dear to us.  This year why not treat that special person in your life and show them how much they mean to you with a Valentine’s gift with a difference maybe some retro sweets from Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop we have a large selection of retro sweet gifts to choose from and they are all free delivery within the UK.

Christmas wicker hampers

Why not buy something different this Christmas for either your loved ones, friends or as maybe corporate gifts for your clients/customers.  These Christmas wicker hampers come in all different sizes to suit all budgets small, medium and large wicker hampers full of a great selection of traditional sweets that will tickle anyone’s taste buds and bring back to all distant memories of days gone by, maybe at time spent at the school tuckshop, or visiting their old fashioned sweet shop on the corner of their street, whichever it is it will bring a smile and a discussion amongst all and you will have some very satsified and happy people!  To view these hampers or see more ideas for Christmas visit www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk and receive free delivery within the UK.

Christmas sweet gifts

Christmas sweet gifts always go down very well and come in lots of different shapes and sizes.  They can be made up of chocolate, old fashioned sweets, hampers, gift bags and boxes.  Christmas sweet gifts can be sent direct to the receipients door with out you leaving your home if you find the right online sweet shop.  Sweet Heaven specialise in sweet gifts for all occassions.  It is simple to use our website and easy to navigate, all you have to do is choose which gift you would like to send, tell us if you would like a personalised message and then simply pay at our checkout and then leave the rest to us and yo will also receive free delivery within the UK.

Stocking Fillers

That time of year is fast approaching when we all can not beleive it is upon us again,yes christmas is coming around again and we have to start thinking about presents and stocking fillers.

What a hard task trying to find everyone a different present and trying to find different stocking fillers,you never know what to buy,this year why not try something different why dont you try some retro sweets they are sure to put a smile on anyones face.

When someobody recieves a gift of retro sweets the delight on their face will be so aparent so if you are looking for soe unique stocking fillers this year take a look at sweet heavens online sweet shop and everything is free delivery within the uk.

Christmas retro sweets and gifts

This year why not buy something different for Christmas rather than all the usual presents that you have brought in previous year, have you ever thought about buying retro sweets and gifts.  People remember them from their school days and they make wonderful presents.  If you were to receive some retro Christmas sweets you would relive all of those childhood memories that you used to experience so this year to take a look at Sweet Heaven’s online sweetshop for some inspiration on buying all of those presents that become such a  chore each year for us and you can even receive free delivery within the UK.  We have lots of old school sweets and gifts to chose from.

Corporate sweets

Corporate sweets are becoming ever more popular for rewarding staff because what do you buy your workforce to enpower them and make them feel appreciated in todays challenging times.  A hamper filled with jam and tea bags and all the usual items just doesnt cut it for people, nowadays they can be filled with all of your favourite retro sweets. All of the ones you remember from your school days such as sherbert fountains, space dust, Kali, foam bananas, shrimps, mojo’s and all of your favourite chocolates thrown in aswell.  If you are thinking of corporate rewards this year then visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and take a look at their large selection of gifts on offer which you can have personalised with your company logos and labels and you will also receive free delivery within the UK.

Favourite online retro sweets

What is your favourite retro sweets?  Is there a certain brand or type of retro sweets that you remember from your childhood.  Nowadays old fashioned sweet shops seem to be very scarce if you cant find one of these old fashioned sweet shops anywhere you will be able to find most of your favourite retro sweets online.  Here at Sweet Heaven we have spent a long time researching and tracking down all of your favourite retro sweets and completed significant research to make sure we purchase the best brands so that we get all of these favourites to you just how you used to remember them.  So why not take a look at our online sweet shop and make an order today and receive free delivery direct to the UK.