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Traditional Chocolate Footballs

If your a fan of old fashioned retro sweets and chocolate candy then you will be familiar with these foil covered chocolate footballs. They have been around for years and are a favourite among the lads of all ages as they’re into football and chocolate so its the best of both worlds! These come in so many different colours and to please everyone we have a mix of all the colours, as well as seperate colours such as blue & white, red & white, yellow & black, green & white and black & white so that there is an option for everyone. Buy 200g of these delicious old fashioned, retro chocolate footballs as a treat or a gift from www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Foil Covered Chocolate Footballs

If your a footy fan or you know someone who is, they are sure to love those foil covered chocolate footballs! We have the original mix up of different coloured foil footballs aswell as individual colours including red and white, blue and white, yellow and black, green and white and black and white, so you can choose the colour you want to match your favourite team or to fit in with any party theme! These foil covered chocolate footballs are perfect party bag fillers and are great as cake decorations as the kids love them! Order today from www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk FREE P+P.

Football and Chocolate Gifts

If you know someone who is totally mad on football and also has a giant sweet tooth then getting them a football themed chocolate or sweet gift will definitely put you right in their good books! We have so many football themed gifts that are suitable for any occasion and you can even personalise them all with your own message! We have bags filled with chocolate footballs and a marshmallow lolly in the shape of a football, an england flag or a football shirt and we also have the lollies for sale on their own which would be perfect for parties or party bag fillers or even cake toppers! take a look on www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk :)