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Retro Sweets Gifts

If you have got a special occassion coming up like a birthday or a celebratory occassion and you are struggling for a unique gift idea and you have been trawling around the shops not knowing what to buy, then how about buying a retro sweet gift.  It is an unusual and original gift idea  Retro sweets gifts make great presents and the receiver no matter how old or young are gauranteed to love them as they normally bring back floods of memories from their childhood from when they used to go down to the local sweet shop on their way to school and buy all of the old fashioned sweets that were on display with their pocket money.  The younger generation simply love the sweets anyway and the ones that you buy in the shops these days are just not the same as the original retro sweets.  So take a look at Sweet Heaven’s online store and browse the shelves they are jam-packed with all of the old favourites from years gone by.  There will be things like black jacks, refreshers, double lollies dips, sherbert fountains, rhubarb and custard,  boiled sweets and many more, there is sure to be a favourite in there for you and whoever you will be sending the gift to.  So take advantage of our free UK delivery today.

Retro sweet gifts for her

It can be hard to buy gifts at the best of times, especially for girls.  You can spend hours on end searching around the shops looking at different gift ideas for her and come out none the wiser with what to get her.  You can even spend hours searching online at different gift ideas, but one thing that is sure to please her would be retro sweet gifts as these have a special meaning to them that she will remember from her school days.  You can put a combination of all of her favourites into a gift bag or box or even a wicker hamper.  Visit Sweet Heaven’s online sweet shop and get some ideas for what to buy her on any occassion and receive free UK delivery.

Candy Store

What is the old saying – like children in a candy store, well here at Sweet Heaven that is just how you feel, there is so much candy to choose from its hard to know where to begin, maybe like myself when I started the shop I started with remembering all of my old favourites from when I was a child.