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New Old Fashioned Sweets and Toffee

If your a fan of toffee then you’ll be happy to know we’ve got a whole load of new flavours in… Including Nutty Brazil,Black Liquorice, Real Treacle,Creamy original and Banana Split Toffee Eclaires! You get 3 bars of theses delicious blocks of creamy and smooth tofffee made by Walkers and at great prices! Plus, Sweet Heaven do free standard delivery on all orders in the UK. Why not treat yourself to some delicious Toffee or treat a friend or loved one if they are a toffee lover also! These will last you ages and will bring back memories from old fashioned sweets and sweet shops!!

Favourite Old Sweets

Do you have a favourite old sweet that you remember loving when you were younger and spending all your pocket money on? Everyone asks us if we have certain sweets that they loved from their childhood and suprisingly for them the answer is usually YES! We have so many of the old favourite retro sweets, some may have changed the name or packaging but theyre still as delicious! fruit salad and black jack chews are an old favourite. as well as all our liquorice sweets and hard boiled sweets! also, different flavoured fudge and toffee’s have been around for years and we have them all! so order your favourite today and treat yourself! www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

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Old Fashioned Sweets Hamper

If your looking for a sweet hamper then we have several! We have our old fashioned sweets hamper, our retro sweets hamper and our chocolate hamper! Our old fashioned sweets hamper is filled with all your old fashioned favourites! Hard boiled, chewy, sherbet, sour, fudge/toffee, jelly sweets and chocolate! What more could you ask for?

Old Fashioned Sweets In Jars

Looking to order some old fashioned sweets? why not order your old fashioned sweets in jars? The jars keep them fresher for longer and they look nicer, so if your sending someone a gift, why not choose a jar? You can even personalise it with your own message. Look on our website for sweet ideas!