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50's sweets

One day I was trying to think of something different to buy my dad but not too expensive, if you know what I mean… Then my mum suggested I buy something to do when he was born ie sweets from the 50′s and then the conversation turned to “I remember when…” and it turned to the sweets that that they used to go and buy when they were little (my dad still has a sweet tooth to this day), and then thats when I thought of putting together sweets that reflected different decades.  All have their own little twist to a new sweet of the era, but the old favourites I found stood the test of time in each decade!  Well I put together a large retro cube for my dad and he was over the moon to the point of telling is mates in the pub who then placed ordered for similar cubes!  These sweets go down equally aswell abroad to family and friends of British people who have expatriated to sunnier climates, but traditional sweets are like a good pint of beer you cant get them anywhere other than Britain.