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Sending sweets abroad

It doesnt cost as much as you think to send sweets abroad.  To send your loved ones some old fashioned sweets from there childhood that they will remember.  The ones that will bring back memories from their school days, old fashioned sweets can be sent abroad nowadays for a very reasonable price and now is a perfect time to send some to your friends or relatives who live abroad.  Sweet Heaven have a large selection of old fashioned sweets and gifts to choose from and we specialise in provding quality confectionary at competitive prices and excellent service so take a look today at our online sweet shop and see how reasonable it is to send sweets abroad.

Dolly Mix Candy Sweets

Dolly Mix are one of those old fashioned, traditional sweets that have been around for years that everyone has tried and most people love! They are the prettiest mix of sweets, with pinks, purples, oranges and more, and gummy sweets aswell as foam sweets, a mix of everything to suit everyone! These are loved by girls more than boys, but anyone can enjoy a bag of their favourite retro sweets! These have been manufactured by many different confectionary companies over the years, but we think we have the best and tasiest ones around! Why not give them a try and see for yourself? These would also be a great gift or treat for a friend or loved one, everyone loves some of their favourite traditional sweet shop sweets and they can always put a smile on peoples faces.  www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

My favourite sweet shop

My favourite sweet shop used to be the one that was on my way to school when I was young.  The trouble nowadays is that you do not see these sorts of sweet shops around on the corners of roads anymore, the corner sweet shop has sadly disappeared.  It used to be my favourite place every morning I would go to my favourite sweet shop and spend the few pence I was given to take to school on all of my favourite old fashioned sweets.  Who was to know that many years later that sweet shop that I used to know and love and use so frequently would become the focus for me to set up my own online retro sweet shop today, which is known as Sweet Heaven.  So come in and take a look inside at all the confectionary that we have to offer as it has taken a lifetime of love and memories to bring together.