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Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Chocolate covered peanuts are one of the best treats when your at the cinema!! Or whatever your doing, they are a great treat. A small peanut coated in a delicious milk chocolate shell which compliment eachother perfectly. Chocolate covered peanuts have been around for decades and are loved by many people. They have been manufactured by so many different candy companies but we have the most delicious ones to offer to our sweet loving customers. Chocolate Peanuts are a great gift so why not send some in a gift bag to a friend or relative. Sweets and Chocolate are perfect for any occasion! www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins

Everybody loves delicious traditional Milk Chocolate coated Raisins, they are one of the most popular chocolate candy treats here at Sweet Heaven. Small juicy raisins covered in a delicious milk chocolate coating which compliment eachother perfectly. Everybody loves these so they woud be great to give to someone as a gift. We do them in a cellophane gift bag with a ribbon and a personalised message to make it extra special. Plus we offer FREE standard delivery on all orders in the UK so if you order in advance you can make the most of this. www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

White Chocolate Mice Candy Sweets

White Chocolate Mice are one of the most popular old fashioned sweets of the past few decades, they are absolutely delicious and they will bring back so many memories from the good old days for alot of people. These were the highlight of the 80s! I remember running to the traditional sweet shop round the corner from my house with my last few pence of my pocket money and buying as many White Chocolate Mice as i could! They are so creamy and smooth and they just melt in your mouth. They are a great gift for any occasion as everyone loves sweets and chocolate! Order 200g today off www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Brown Chocolate Mice

Brown Chocolate Mice are one of the few chocolate candy sweets that mark the past few decades as one of the most popular candy sweets around. Everybody would be queueing up for these in the old fashioned sweet shops with their pocket money. I remember loving these as a child and they are still manufactured exactly the same. They are small brown chocolate flavoured mice and they are loved by the kids and adults too so they are a great gift for any occasion! Sweets and Chocolate always put a smile on peoples faces. Order today from www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Frys Peppermint Cream Chocolate Bars

Frys have been a well known chocolate manufacturer for decades, and Frys Peppermint Cream Chocolate Bars are definitely a bast from the past. They are bars of dark chocolate with a peppermint flavoured fondant centre and they are absolutely delicious! If you havent tried these before then you should order some just for a taste. We sell them in 4s so theyre perfect to share and if you have a friend who you know is a fan of these then they would be a perfect gift or treat. Plus we offer FREE standard delivery on all orders in the UK so order today at www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Coconut Logs Chocolate Candy

Coconut Logs are a well known and loved chocolate candy treat. They are long logs of soft gooey marshmallow, coated in chocolate and then covered in little pieces of coconut. They have been around for years and are a very old fashioned, traditional treat that nearly everyone has tried atleast once. These are very popular with the kids too! If your looking for a gift for a friend or loved one then these delicious Coconut Logs are a perfect retro gift and will bring back sweet memories from old fashioned sweet shop days! Plus we offer FREE standard delivery. Order today at www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Coconut Mushrooms Traditional Sweets

Coconut Mushrooms are an old fashioned, traditional sweet that over the years have got more and more delicous and are now a very popular coconut retro sweet. They are a foamy marshmallow mushroom with a chocolate and coconut top and are so scrumptious they will leave you wanting more and more! If your not a fan of coconut yourself but have a friend that is they they would love these and they would be a perfect gift. We also have our ‘Coconut Crazy’ gift bag for all the coconut lovers out there. Order your sweet gifts today from www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk FREE standard delivery in the UK.

Caramac Chocolate Bars

Caramacs are a delicious, old fashioned, traditional creamy caramel flavoured chocolate bar that just melts in your mouth and is so tasty it will keep you wanting more. You dont see them around in many shops any more these days but we have decided to stock them for the people who love these Caramacs. They have a red and yellow wrapping and smell delicious too. Why not order a couple to treat yourself or even share with your family and friends to bring back memories of the good old days and to put a smile on their face. Chocolate and sweets always cheer people up. www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Candy Cones Chocolate Candy Sweets

Candy Cones are a delicious chocolate candy treat and as are delicious looking as they taste! Small cream coloured icecream cones with a pink strawberry flavoured ice cream on top, but all of it is smooth creamy strawberry and vanilla flavoured chocolate! These are a great gift as they look nice and are loved by many people. They would also be a great cake topping or decoration to add some colour to your cake. If you havent tried these you should definitely give them a go. They are a very well known old fashioned, traditional chocolate candy treat and have been around for year. Order 200g today from www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Cadburys Bournville Old Jamaica Chocolate

Cadburys are one of the finest chocolatiers for the past several decades and still havent stopped producing their delicious milky, creamy chocolate of so many varieties. One of their products which isnt seen around very much anymore is their Cadburys Bournville Old Jamaica Chocolate Bar. It is a block of 180 grams of chocolate (so you get alot) and it is Raisin and Rum flavoured dark chocolate which is simply delicious. If you havent had this for a while why not treat yourself or treat a friend if you know they are a fan of the Cadburys Bournville Old Jamaica chocolate. www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Sweets Online Free Delivery

If you order sweets online its hard to get free delivery with many of the companies that you see when you search the web, however, here at Sweet Heaven thats exactly what we do sweets online with free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.  We wanted a simple to use website with transparent costs so that when you check out at the end with your order you are not hit with lots of additional costs that you hadnt budgted for as you chose your sweets.  So why not check out the Sweet Heaven website to see how easy it is, all our sweets are split into categories so if you have a favourite taste ie chocolate, jelly, mint or you are looking for a gift for someone you can select on the relevant product page and find a whole list of old fashioned sweets under each product, or gifts and the list goes on.

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Football and Chocolate Gifts

If you know someone who is totally mad on football and also has a giant sweet tooth then getting them a football themed chocolate or sweet gift will definitely put you right in their good books! We have so many football themed gifts that are suitable for any occasion and you can even personalise them all with your own message! We have bags filled with chocolate footballs and a marshmallow lolly in the shape of a football, an england flag or a football shirt and we also have the lollies for sale on their own which would be perfect for parties or party bag fillers or even cake toppers! take a look on www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk :)

Old Fashioned Sweets

If your a fan of old fashioned sweets like the ones you used to buy from your traditional sweet shop on the corner all those years ago, then you will love our retro online sweet shop as we have shelves and shelves full of old fashioned sweets, candy and chocolates! Everyone deserves a treat every now and again so why not treat yourself to some of your favourites? We have everything from liquorice, nutty sweets, boiled sweets, bonbons, minty sweets and even more. Why not treat a friend or relative to some old fashioned sweets as a nice sweet gift? We offer FREE standard delivery on all orders in the UK. www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

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Wedding Favours and Sweets

If your in the middle of planning your big day soon then why not order your delicious retro wedding sweets and favours off our website www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk. We have so many favours, gifts, sweets and chocolate to make your big day delicious and rememberable! And if you order it online it saves having to look around shops! We have Mini Chocolate Heart Dragees in all colours, foil covered Milk Chocolate Hearts in all colours also, we have sugared almonds in every colour you could want and we have rock sweets in pink, gold and silver with ‘Mr and Mrs’ and ‘Just Married’ printed on them!! Aswell as those we have small chocolate neapolitans with ‘Mr and Mrs’ and ‘Just Married’ on them. Make your day special and order soon!!

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Classic sweet hearts

Classic sweet hearts can be found in many variations there are the chocolate variety which are very popular for weddings and can be found in many colours to suit the theme of your wedding, there are also the classic heart throbs made by haribo which are also very popular and made of jelly – red on one side and white on the other.  You can use these sweet hearts for many different events, such as weddings as table favours, for valentines, christenings, baby showers and many more.  They simply tell your loved one how much you think of him or her, so whatever the occassion you may be ordering take a look at Sweet Heaven’s large selection of classic sweet hearts and receive free delivery direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

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Cake Decorations

If your thinking of maybe baking a few cakes or treats for your friends and family then why not order some delicious old fashioned, retro and traditional sweets and candy as delicious cake decorations?! You can order our jelly sweets for people to maybe pick off the top of the cake, or our Chocolate Beans, Chocolate Drops, Jazzies or Snowies if you were looking for a chocolate topping.. And we even have brand new Edible Rice Paper Money which can be eaten with your cake. So many great ideas for cake decorations! Plus everybody loves sweets, chocolate and candy so you cant go wrong! Order today – FREE P+P!!

A Quarter Of

Please can I have a  quarter of wine gums, actually make that a quarter of liquorice allsorts – I bet you are already reminicsing over the little sweet shop on the  corner that  you used to visit when you were little, counting out your money to maximise how many sweets you could buy.  Mine would always be a quarter of my favourite sweets the choice of which would depend on my taste buds on that day do I go down the chocolate route, the tangy sour way or possible sticky toffee, once I had made my main decision I would then with the remaining few pennies peruse the penny sweets white chocolate mice, flying saucers and refreshers were always favourite, sometimes the pennies wold stretch to a sherbert fountain or dip dab if I was flush!  That would keep me busy for the walk home, then once home I would say to myself that I would just eat half of those sweets in my paper bag, as you can guess though I never did!

Old Sweet Wrappers

I love walking into a sweet shop, I feel like a little girl again going with my Mom for a treat, the smell of the sweet candy and chocolate, looking at all the brightly coloured old sweet wrappers that are still the same today, I can’t help myself but to walk out the shop with my bag filled with good old fashioned favourites with a huge smile on my face.

I take my son into the sweet shop now and watch him do the same as I did and get lost in the moment, what does he choose, chocolate or sweets?? He can’t help himself like me, he has both, why not!

Wedding Sweet Table

When I got married, I was unsue how to put together a wedding sweet table and had to look at many sweets online to get ideas from, do I go for traditional sweets, retro sweets or more of a chocolate theme, in the end I went for chocolate wrapped in pink foil. as this I thought would go more with the food we had chosen and also the pink foil would go with the pink flowers and themed wedding