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Chocolate Candy Fish and Chips

If you enjoy the odd trip to the local fish and chip shop, why not try our chocolate candy fish and chips!? They are delicious creamy flavoured white chocolate in the shape of everyones favourite british takeaway.. fish and chips. These are a best-seller here at Sweet Heaven as they are a typical british chocolate candy retro treat and everyone enjoys chocolate and sweets. If you dont fancy these yourself then why not order 2oog for a friend or a relative as a gift? We sell the chocolate candy fish and chips in gift bags or gift cube or just in a 200g bag. Order today at www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Foil Covered Chocolate Casino Chips

Chocolate Casino chips are a unique and great idea. They are discs of chocolate covered in different coloured foils for the different chips. They are great as a gift if you have a friend who is poker mad, and you can even play games with them if you wanted a more light-hearted game of poker! These would be great little stocking fillers at christmas and you could even order them as a present for someone. Take a look online at www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk we also offer free standard delivery with all orders being delivered inside the UK, so get all your Christmas presents ordered in time!

Chocolate Fish and Chips

Do you enjoy an occasional take away from your local fish and chip shop? Now you can order them online! Well, kind of.. We now have delicious white chocolate fish and chip pieces! Just as delicious as the real thing. Order as a gift or treat yourself!