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Traditional Sweet Jars

Traditional sweet  jars are hard to find especially the ones with the plunger style lids on them just like the old fashioned ones that they used to have in the sweet shops from years ago,sweet heaven uses traditional sweet jars just like the ones that you would remember from your childhood in the sweet shops that you used to know.

Our jars are of the highest quality and will last you for years so they could be refilled time and time again so that you could enjoy all of the old fashioned sweets that you used to know and love,so if you have always wanted your very own traditional sweet jar then take a look at sweet heavens range and treat yourself to one today and take advantage of our free UK delivery.

Valentine Day Gifts

With valentines day just around the corner why not treat your loved one to one of our giant special pink heart gift boxes. We have a large range of gifts on offer for that special someone in your life, whether its your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or fiancee, make them feel like your everything! Our special valentines range varies from pink or red heart shaped chocolates or candy shaped lips. Have you ever though of giving some retro sweets as that lovely treat, maybe bringing back memories of when you first met? Whether it be a pink gift box or for the boys, blue, we have a huge variety of all the sweets from your childhood!

Planning a Wedding

Why not take out some of the hassle of centre pieces for tables or items for the catering by giving your guests something fun and retro. Something they might remember from their childhood. Sweet Heaven can supply all of your needs with friendly service and affordable prices.

We have a large selection of favours for your table decorations that will be a great talking point on your big day and also taste great too,retro sweets are becoming ever more popular with so many people choosing them at their wedding,no matter what size your order is sweet heaven will give free uk delivery and in plenty of time for the big day.

Gifts for him

Buying gifts for anyone can be difficult you can spend hours on end searching  inside shops on the high street not really knowing what to buy him,but if you was to give some retro sweets as a present he will surely love them as most of us do.

We associate times and places usually from our childhood when we would of had these retro sweets like the time when i fell off my bike and what do you think made it better,yes a trip to my local sweet shop that was my favourite place in the whole world it made everything better so if you are struggling for ideas on what o buy him then take a look at our online sweet shop and get some inspiration and we can send them as a nice gift with a personal message on and give free uk delivery.

Sweets of the 80's

Sweets of the 80′s are in high demand today and they can still be found if you locate the right online sweet sweet shop,as most of the sweet shops around housing estates and on high streets have sadly dissappeared.

The 1980′s saw lots of old favourites such as whispa bars, foam mushrooms, wham bars, love hearts and many more,people get so nostalgic when they think back to there childhood and like to have something to remember and talk about and one thing that always springs to mind is old fashioned sweets.

Sweet heaven have put together a special collection 80′s sweets and called it an 80′s nostalgia box,take a look today and treat a friend or yourself to a piece of history.

The best Christmas sweets online

It is never too early to start buying your Christmas presents because before you know it time rushes on and we get busy in our day to day lives with work and other committments that we leave buying Christmas presents until the last minute and then we have to rush around the shops and the crowds and not find what we want because alot of things have sold out so this year why not start and plan early and buy a different present and try some Christmas sweets, they make a great gift for people young and old and when they receive some of these Christmas sweets in the post, the memories come flooding back from their childhood.  Order your Christmas sweets online from Sweet Heave today and receive free UK delivery.