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Old Sweet Names

There are many old sweet names that people can relate to,names that bring back memories.If i said to you spanish gold you would almost certainly remember it those long strands of coconut which is know called sweet coconut tobacco.Another old sweet name is sherbet  fountain these were very popular in the 70,s long pieces of liquorice in a paper packet full of the softest sherbet you have ever tasted and the end of the packets always got sticky and eventually broke away,they have however altered this know by putting a plastic end on,love it or hate it the contents are stil the same,other old sweet names like refreshers,fruit salads,black jacks,mojos,and candy bracelets have stood the test of time and are stronger than ever today.

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Retro sweets

Retro sweet sales are growing year on year its a sweets revival people love to reminice about the good old days and one way to do that is to talk about the sweets that you used to have when you was young,people have retro themed parties and order their favourite sweets online which might include things like fruit salads,black jacks,candy necklaces,candy bracelets,refreshers,the list is endless then just enjoy the party talking about the good old days.