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Sweet candy

There is nothing like sweet candy to brighten up a dull day, candy is an American word for sweets, if you asked some children how to describe their favourite sweets and what is candy, they probably would not know as it originated from America, but if you asked most adults if they liked sweet candy their answer would be yes.  Some of the favourites would be refresher chews, fruit salads, black jacks, candy necklaces and bracelets, these were firm favourites from the 80′s with children so they may remember that type of candy.  Whichever way you look at it sweet candy is a firm favourite with both adults and children as it has been for many years.  Check out Sweet Heaven’s selection of candies and see if we have your favourite and don’t forget you will get free UK delivery.

Old school sweets hampers

Old school sweets hampers can be filled with an array of various old fashioned sweets and can also range from a small hamper through to a large wicker hamper and can make an ideal Christmas present.  Old school sweets is a modern saying for old fashioned sweets because the people who think about them have remembered them from their old school days.  This Christmas why not buy your friends and family an old school sweets hamper filled to the brim with old  fashioned candies and give the receipiant something to remember and something to talk about from years gone by.  Take a look at our online sweet shop today and receive free UK delivery.

Wedding Sweet Favours

Did you know that wedding favours actually is an Italian/French tradition. Couples used to wish to pass on their good luck to their guests and so would pass on little boxes with “bonbonnieres” inside which used to be either 5 candies or 5 sugared almonds. This idea has long been in evidence at English weddings although the favours have got alot more detailed in terms of matching ideas with your theme, your personality, your guests or just a fashion trend of the era. Whether you decide to remain tradtional or try something different neither should break the budget if you do your research.