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Chocolate Candy Fish and Chips

If you enjoy the odd trip to the local fish and chip shop, why not try our chocolate candy fish and chips!? They are delicious creamy flavoured white chocolate in the shape of everyones favourite british takeaway.. fish and chips. These are a best-seller here at Sweet Heaven as they are a typical british chocolate candy retro treat and everyone enjoys chocolate and sweets. If you dont fancy these yourself then why not order 2oog for a friend or a relative as a gift? We sell the chocolate candy fish and chips in gift bags or gift cube or just in a 200g bag. Order today at www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Halloween Film

As Halloween approaches there is nothing better than sitting down to watch a scary movie to get into the spirit of Halloween!  The nights have been drawing in for a while the nights are getting cold, fireworks are going off all around so why not one night grab yourself a Halloween film, draw the curtains, settle down with a large bag of your favourite British retro sweets.  Or even better maybe sample some scary sweets of the season from Sweet Heaven.  We have scorpions, spiders, snakes, giant flys, giant rats, marshmallow witch lollipops and much much more.  Receive free door to door delivery anywhere in the UK.

60's sweets

The 60′s are synonomous with so many things good and exciting things – most of which were associated with Britain – the swinging sixties being the most evident in the UK with us leading the way with fashion, music, and the lifting of many tabboos that still existed from Victorian times.  Life was moving at a fast pace that touched most peoples lives, by the end of the decade most homes would have electricity for the first time and TV’s, man walked and the moon and the earliest concept of a “supermarket” hit the streets which changed peoples shopping all of these things are still with us know. Lucikily the one thing that did survive future decades was the corner shop and old fashioned traditional sweet shop”  Thank Goodness.  Life without the traditional sweet shop would have been unimaginable!   How many childrens books feaure the litle sweet shop in them, they are as much a part of British life as what the British pub is!  With the advent of the web sweets have become just as popular online.  Sweet Heaven started its life as a traditional sweet shop and then quickly expanded into selling sweets online with demand in British old fashioned sweets being increadibly high and continues to grow each day.  the popularity of 60′s sweets sweets is repeated for each era 50′s, 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s alike are all popular with our customers, it will be interesting to see what sweets will make the era of the noughties!  Maybe Sweet Heaven’s new Customer Forum where our customers can leave feedback so ou forum will also help us see what the favourite sweets of the noughties may start to look like.  My guess that many of the favourites that we have seen every decade will still feature such as refreshers, drumsticks,  fruit salads, white mice, flying saucers and the list goes on.  If you want to have your say on what you think will be the sweets that will define or be remembered in the noughties decade log onto Sweet Heavens Forum where we would love to hear from you.

50's sweets

One day I was trying to think of something different to buy my dad but not too expensive, if you know what I mean… Then my mum suggested I buy something to do when he was born ie sweets from the 50′s and then the conversation turned to “I remember when…” and it turned to the sweets that that they used to go and buy when they were little (my dad still has a sweet tooth to this day), and then thats when I thought of putting together sweets that reflected different decades.  All have their own little twist to a new sweet of the era, but the old favourites I found stood the test of time in each decade!  Well I put together a large retro cube for my dad and he was over the moon to the point of telling is mates in the pub who then placed ordered for similar cubes!  These sweets go down equally aswell abroad to family and friends of British people who have expatriated to sunnier climates, but traditional sweets are like a good pint of beer you cant get them anywhere other than Britain.