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Party Bags & Sweets

Everyone loves sweets, whether your old or young you’re sure to have a favourite sweet from the old fashioned sweet shop days, or even a new retro one you’ve tried and cant get enough of ! Thats why Party Bags are so popular, if you’re organising a party for the children or even for adults, buying sweets from Sweet Heaven to fill your party bags with will go down a treat! We have hundreds of sweets, chocolate and candy which would be perfect as party bag fillers, such as sherbet straws, drumstick lollies, popping candy, candy lispsticks and necklaces, marshmallows, foam mushrooms and bananas and even more! Sweets are a great way to keep the kids quiet and a delicious treat for guests at your party or even a wedding! We also have plenty of wedding favours including Chocolate Hearts, Chocolate Dragees, Chocolate Stars and Sugared Almonds! Order online at www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Favourite Old Fashioned Sweets

Everyone remembers SWEETS being one of the most important things in their childhood, whether it was Flying Saucers, Liquorice, Sherbet Lemons, Vanilla Fudge, Coconut Tobacco or even just jelly sweets, even we used to run to the local sweet shop with out pocket money and get as many penny sweets as we could! Back in those days, you had to ask for A Quarter Of, but now we sell our delicious old fashioned and traditional sweets in everything from 200g to 3kg!! Sweets are perfect for any occasion, whether its a gift for birthdays, celebrations, christmas, mothers day, fathers day or even baby showers, christenings and wedding, a sweet buffet is bound to bring everyone together reminiscing about their old sweet memories!! Also here at Sweet Heaven, we have some Retro Sweet Boxes, Born in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s sweet boxes! And we have those old fashioned glass jars filled with enough sweets to last you a whole year!! If you wanted something a little smaller, we have gift bags with 200g of any sweet of your choice, and al gift bags or  boxes can be personalised with a message to make it that extra bit special! order today at www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk and bring back some of those sweet, old fashioned memories!!

Sweet Christmas Gift Bags

This Christmas why not treat your friends or loved ones to something a little different. Our online retro sweet shop Sweet Heaven has a huge variety of delicious sweets, chocolate and candy and you can get all of them in a gift bag and personalise that bag with a message and ribbon to make it a bit more special! We have our pre-made up gift bags including a Liquorice Lovers, Mint Mad, Coconut Crazy, Bonbon Bonanza and Mixed Toffee’s aswell as many more to ensure we can match every taste! You can choose your own sweets to go in the bag or order one of our ready made ones. Everyone loves sweets so they are a perfect gift at Christmas, or juts a nice treat! Order at www.sweetheaven-online.co.k

Flying Saucers Retro Candy Sweets

Flying Saucers are probably in the top 10 list of well known old fashioned and traditional candy sweets. They are known and loved by everyone! Colourful rice paper discs with an inside of delicious tangy sherbet! These flying saucers are the perfect retro sweet gift and can be used for so many things… party bag fillers, cake decorations, a treat for the kids, a gift, anything! Everyone loves traditional sweets, chocolate and candy so what better gift to give to someone than these Flying Saucers? Sweets put a smile on everyones face and the one that have been around for years like these bring back so many great memories from the good old school sweet shop days! order 200g today from www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Chocolate Candy Fish and Chips

If you enjoy the odd trip to the local fish and chip shop, why not try our chocolate candy fish and chips!? They are delicious creamy flavoured white chocolate in the shape of everyones favourite british takeaway.. fish and chips. These are a best-seller here at Sweet Heaven as they are a typical british chocolate candy retro treat and everyone enjoys chocolate and sweets. If you dont fancy these yourself then why not order 2oog for a friend or a relative as a gift? We sell the chocolate candy fish and chips in gift bags or gift cube or just in a 200g bag. Order today at www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Retro Candy Necklaces and Bracelets

Everyone remembers these delicious candy necklaces and bracelets from their childhood, from being in party bags or at girls parties, they are great fashion statements and are absolutely loved by the young girls. I used to wear these all the time as jewellery and then just bite off a bead every now and then. For anyone who hasnt tried these candy necklaces or bracelets, they are elastic strings with lots of different coloured fruit flavoured candy beads on them, and on the bracelets there is a candy watch face telling a time. They are great as a present for the little ones and perfect for party bags, or even just as a treat! Order today from www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Halloween Trick or Treat Party Sweets

This years Halloween has come around so quick, we’ve just about had time to add to our already magnificent Halloween Scary Sweets, candy and gifts section before orders started coming in! People have been ordering in advance to make sure we dont sell out and to take advantage of our FREE standard delivery! We have so many scary sweets such as rats, flys, scorpions, spiders, bones, skulls, skeletons, fingers, teeth, eyeballs, horror heads and even more! Plus we’re introducing a new TRICK OR TREAT BUNDLE BAG filled with little candy sweets to hand out to that never ending line of Trick or Treaters! Saves you going to the shops to buy them and this way if you have treats you wont have to be tricked!

Sweet Gift Bags

Here at Sweet Heaven we have SO many delicious retro sweet gift bags to give as gifts or presents for every occasion possible and to suit every sweet tooth. We have our Coconut Crazy gift bags for the coconut lovers, a Liquorice Lovers gift bag, a Mint Mad gift bag, our retro Jelly mix bag and many more! You can order one of our pre-made up gift bags or choose your favourite sweet or candy and get them in a gift bag with a ribbon. Also you can personalise your gift bag with a message of your choice and you can even get it sent straight to your friend or loved ones house! Plus its FREE standard delivery. !!!

Party Bag Fillers Ideas

If you have a party or a childs birthday party coming up and you need party bag fillers, we have hundreds of ideas!! We do our own ready made ‘Sweet Suprise Boys Party Bag’ and ‘Sweet Suprise Girls Party Bag’ which are in blue/pink striped bags and are filled with all the loved classics. Alternitavely order individual items such as candy watches and bracelets, candy lipsticks, mojo chews, black jack and fruit salad chews, flying saucers, jelly sweets, bubblegums, sherbet straws, popping candy, lollipops, bonbons, chocolates and many many more. They are great for kids and a nice gift to get at a party.

Gift Bags for Every Occasion

If your looking to buy someone a gift, whether its a birthday, anniversary, thank you, get well or even as a wedding favour then we have some great gift ideas at Sweet Heaven for every occasion you can think of. We have 3 different sized cellophane gift bags to fit in as many sweets as you desire, and every gift bag is tied at the top with a ribbon and can be personalised with a message of your choice. We have pre-made gift bags such as the Liquorice Lovers gift bag, Mint Mad gift bag, Coconut Crazy gift bag and many other mixes of sweets, OR you can just choose your own sweets to go in the gift bag!!