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Apple & Blackberry Old Fashoined Hard Boiled Sweets

Apple and Blackberry are one of the favourite boiled sweets in our selection, they are a delicious combination of apple flavour and fruity blackberry flavour and compliment eachother perfectly. These boiled sweets will keep you sucking for hours and will tantalise your tastebuds with their mix of delicious fruity flavours. Old fashioned boiled sweets are a perfect gift as they are loved by everyone and always bring back memories and put people in a great mood. plus you can personalise gifts with a message to make them more special. order today at www.sweetheaven-online.co.uk

Sweets of the noughties

What sweets do you think will define the noughties ?  Will it be things such as toxic waste which is a very sour candy that children  love or will it be mega sour boiled sweets with flavours such as apple, lemon, cherry which they also seem to love.  To me I think the noughties sweets are better known as what old fashioned sweets people are remembering from years gone by such as 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s 90′s, there is nothing really that would stand out and be remembered as the real classic sweets of the past, though we still have many years to go for this to be put to the test.  If you know of any classic sweets from the noughties that should go down in history please contact Sweet Heaven.

New Traditional Boiled Sweets

We have just got some new stock into Sweet Heaven, an old fashioned boiled sweet favourite – Apple and Custard!! These sweets are delicious and cant be found in many Retro Sweet Shops these days. These fit in well with our boiled sweet fans, and many who like our sweets such as banana and custard, apple and blackcurrant, and anything apple flavoured or custard flavoured will love these. Order 200g for yourself and give them a try! Or if you have a sweet loving friend why not order them in a gift bag for a friend with a ribbon and a personalised message?