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Sweets of the 40's

Its hard to believe that the sweets that you used to have in the 40′s are still around today.  Have you ever tried to find them and are you still enjoying them?  What sweets did you used to have in the 40′s, would it have been aniseed balls, sherbert fountains, almond nougat, or catherine wheels, what was your favourite?  Here at Sweet Heaven we have spent a long time searching for the sweets of the 40′s and found through extensive research what people were eating then and what they are eating now.  So why not take a look at our website and take a look at our large selection of old fashioned sweets and we even do a 40′s nostalgia box that you could send as a gift to a friend.

Almond Nougat

If you like nougat and you like almonds then this is definitely for you. Chunks of delicious soft nougat with almond pieces – a popular gift here at sweet heaven – order online today!